SLBWA implements cost-cutting measures

PRESS RELEASE – FOLLOWING its dire call for help in meeting the operational costs associated to running the organization, the Saint Lucia Blind Welfare Association has indicated that to date the level of response from the public has been encouraging, but the non-profit organization is still grappling to remain sustainable.

The organization says there is no choice now but to move into a cost-cutting phase which will regrettably see the release of some dedicated employees, and this will be done in compliance with the Labour Laws of Saint Lucia.

The SLBWA will also institute appropriate cost-cutting measures across its programmes and services. The organization for the blind and visually impaired will also continue to explore all legitimate avenues to remain operational.

The Executive Council profoundly regrets the fact that the SLBWA is being forced to embark upon this course of action. These stopgap actions, aim to provide critical time to evaluate, energize, and replenish SLBWA’s resources.

In an effort to remain afloat, the organization will give top priority to propelling the National Dollar Drive to generate finance and other resources for the SLBWA. Every citizen will be asked to make a contribution of at least one dollar towards the cause of the SLBWA as this fund-raiser gathers momentum.

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