Motocross is Back

Image: The thrill of motorcross racing returns next weekend.

PRESS RELEASE – SUNDAY March 25th, Cul-de-Sac comes alive with the St Lucia Moto X Club staging the first motocross race of the season. Starting time is expected to be 2pm. By then all bikes would have been inspected and riders placed in their respective classes.

Three classes are expected to perform on race day, ‘C’ class being the juniors like Alpha Bert, Rossi Mc Lean, Christian Eudoxie, Kareem Louis and Junior Francois to name a few. ‘B’ class riders include persons like Arshlie Prentice, Antonio Maynard, Ted Fontenelle, Jah Mallen Alcindor, Noel Mark and Darren Auguste. The ‘A’ class referred to as the ‘big guns’ comprise riders like Daren Rosemond, Tevin Calderon, Ian Lesporis, Arrkim Griffith, Olson Francois and a few surprises.

Image: The thrill of motorcross racing returns next weekend.
The thrill of motorcross racing returns next weekend.

Thanks to some sponsorship and hard working club members, the Cul-de-Sac track is not only ready for practice but for race day as well. While it is a free event, donations are welcome, some of which will go towards the maintenance, up- keep and renovation of the track.

Sunday’s race is expected to be a continuation of the excitement and thrills of the supermoto event held at the Castries Water Front which was part of our 39thIndependence celebrations. All riders are ‘fired up’ bent on proving that they are the better rider, all be it on a different riding surface.

Motocross is very demanding, especially on the arms, legs and shoulders. Riders must be fit. No matter how good a rider he has to be able to keep control of his bike on a track that most persons may have difficulty walking across. The high speed landings from heights of almost 15 feet in some cases is a sure way of testing any rider’s endurance, skill and strength and Sunday’s race will definitely separate the men from the boys, the stars from the want to be’s, the amateurs from the pros.

All is in place for Sunday’s race; eats, drinks, raffle and the party atmosphere afterwards by ‘Joe Knows’ mobile hi-fi.

Next motocross race is April 29th, same place and time. Looking forward to record numbers to an afternoon which is guaranteed to please.

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