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Is Jeff Fedee God?

IS Jeff Fedee God Almighty? Does he know and see all things? Does he have the power to look into the future?

I ask these questions after reading Mr. Fedee’s latest article in your newspaper to see the various assumptions and suppositions that he has put forward all in the name of intelligent debate. Really, Mr. Jeff Fedee continues to be most pathetic as a wannabe writer and commentator.

Mr. Editor, I made the point last week that it is not my intention to engage Jeff Fedee or anyone else in a continuous back and forth on issues affecting our country, but as long as you will give him the space and the freedom to air his views, you can do no less than give me the same.

I start on the premise that people who write in the press do so on the basis of credible information at their disposal, not simply gut feeling or wild speculation. Mr. Fedee claims that I was “sent” (he does not say by whom) to respond to his article in this newspaper in which he was critical of Prime Minister Chastanet. He also refers to me as a “charlatan”. Later, he states “categorically” that Teo Ah King’s plan for Vieux Fort is a figment of the imagination.

So I ask again: Is Jeff Fedee God Almighty? Can he look into the future? Will Jeff Fedee tell the public who it is that “sent” me to write my Letter to the Editor? I really would like to know this because it appears that someone sent me to do something and I did it without even realizing it. Is Jeff Fedee a Voodoo or witch doctor?

No one “sent” me, Mr. Fedee. I wrote to the newspaper, as I had done on other occasions in the past, because I was appalled by your senseless tirade that seems to have been borne out of a grudge of some kind. I wrote my letter because I found your article most childish and without merit. Now I find you reckless as well.

I am not a charlatan. I was born and bred in Saltibus, St. Lucia. I left here at the height of the migration to England in the 1960s and worked there for fifty-two years before returning home three years ago. I earn a pension from the UK and do not need to be hired or “sent” by anyone.

For years, I followed developments in St. Lucia via this newspaper, The Voice. If they keep records, Mr. Fedee can check to see whether or not I was a subscriber to the newspaper for more than 20 years. At the age of 81, I have no desire to be employed by anyone. Don’t talk to me about John Compton. I knew John Compton because he was our family’s lawyer for years and we all held him in the highest esteem.

I have no claims to being a writer of kind, as Mr. Fedee foolishly suggests. I simply put my feelings down on paper and trust that there is a good Editor at The Voice who will keep me in line if I should stray or make mistakes. With his cooperation, I plan to continue expressing my thoughts on whatever I see around me that deserves commenting on. I am simply appalled by Mr. Fedee’s reaction to my article. If he does not expect to be criticized for his views, he should not be writing in the press. Mr. Fedee’s article was titled “LET LOOSE THE DOGS OF WAR”. Is this really how he sees a fellow human being?

–William Cheddy


  1. Hats off, well said and good for you, Mr. Cheddy!

    Based on the pathetic desperation of some of his outlandish writings, one can only hope for Jeff that he is able to get the help he seems to require.

    God Bless.

  2. @Cheddy , nice resumebutthis forum is not Linkin 🙂
    In this pilgrimage to save theSoul of St Lucia even your geriatric ward will come under the scrutiny of live “howitzers.
    Too bad you lack the fiery determination of Guyana’s late Cheddy Jagan!
    You Mention Hon John Compton aws your past lawyer , however, I proffer that his close relative Mr. Clive Comp6ton was an even more empathy shrouded humanitarian-lawyer.
    an lawyer. Anywho, welcome aboard this respectable forum, where the message is more important than the messenger. The “angel”Gabriel, never had prayers dedicated to him or even cult groups. Zeus’s errand boy Mercury never had a temple built in his honor.
    Jeff Fedee’s comments have merit when stripped of political party bias. The hidden genie that his message alludes to is rapid gentrification on the scale of a runaway nuclear reaction.
    @cALVIN sans Klein

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