You’ve Killed Your Daughter

Don’t you think it’s a bit strange your daughter has a new pair of shoes?
Not the one she left with this morning
Nor any that you have bought
Shouldn’t that be some unwelcome news?

Is it that you simply don’t care?
Maybe too busy with your own life
Or maybe you’re happy for her
Turning a blind eye and deaf ear

She’s holding groceries, too
Bags and bags of it
More than you’ve ever seen
There’s even a dress she’s bought for you

The man who dropped her off just left in his car
Big, black car with tinted windows
More expensive than your own house
One would notice it from afar

The groceries weren’t stolen, so it should be fine, right?
They were given to her by a kind soul
Who was so kind that he didn’t stay for you to thank him
I wonder how you sleep in the night

But then again you don’t have a job to go to
Too lazy to bother finding one
Stuck in the house all day
Just waiting for fortune to come to you

It does come, to be honest
When different men come to your home each day
Especially on their lunch hour or late at night
More men than ants in a nest

No normal job could ever pay the bills
Put food on the table
Clothes on your body
Not with these lucrative deals

So, I guess you’ve taught her well
She’s still young and has a long way to go
But it’s not bad for her first time
How good she’ll be is only something time will tell

It’s nice that you won’t have to provide for her anymore
Let the man take care of it
More money to spend on yourself
More groceries each time she walks out the door

I guess it’s none of the teacher’s business
Who is she to question you?
The nerve!
All she saw was your daughter giving a man a kiss

And the neighbours as well
Sticking their noses where they don’t belong
Interfering with your livelihood
You should tell them all to go to hell!

Everything is going just as you want it
Except for one thing
One tiny thing to be exact
Lately, your daughter’s been tired and beat

Her face looks full
Breasts heavier as well
Swollen feet
She’s pregnant, fool!

That’s not the worst of it
She’s getting some sores
All over her skin
From her head to her feet

Bring her to the doctor and what do you hear?
Tragic news
She’s sick with AIDS
But you shouldn’t shed a tear

Don’t be a hypocrite
That’s not you
What did you expect the outcome to be?
Things are falling apart bit by bit

You’ve sent her straight to the butcher
Killed that child
Stripped her of her health
Ruined her future

Yes, you!
No one but yourself
Not even the fiend who did this to her
It all started with something you didn’t do

Ask her for forgiveness before she dies
Now that she’s barely alive
Almost down to her last breath
Now grotesquely diminished in size

I’d like to see you buy her life back
What? You can’t?!
How surprising!
Woman, get out of the dark!

Truth is, you’re an abject failure as a parent
You need to accept that
Don’t refute it
Her current predicament makes it all the more apparent

Be a real mother to her in the final days
Comfort her
Love her
Shine on her like the sun’s rays

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