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Dissatisfaction in Bus Service on Route 3A

DEAR President of the Route 3A Bus Association,

On behalf of the passengers of Route 3A, I draw your attention to the dissatisfaction and the irregular bus service on Route 3A.

Passengers/residents face hardships because too often passengers wait for hours, especially during peak hours of the morning on weekdays, considering the fact that we have working class people, children to attend school, and the elderly.

We have also recognized most buses in operation for the day have pegged on the bus stand, while crowds of people are waiting for an extended period of time — sometimes hours — for a bus.

Does this not show negligence on the part of Route 3A Bus Association?

We, therefore, request that you look into the matter. Furthermore, we believe Route 3A Bus Association is obliged to host a community meeting with residents Association, with the objective to consult and resort to an amicable solution to bringing regular and satisfied bus service to residents.

We believe more buses should be put on the road during peak hours. It is no use that there are over thirty buses plying Route 3A and passengers are left stranded.

We are trusting that you will take early steps to make the bus service more useful for the residents of Good Lands, Cul de Sac, Barre St. Joseph , Ti Colon , La Croix Maingot, CDC, Belaire, Barre Du Chaussee, Barre Denis and Odsan.

Thank you,
Yours Respectfully,
Dianthea Justin
On behalf of the passengers of Route 3A.

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