Babonneau Mothers and Fathers Group Celebrates 43 Years

PRESS RELEASE – THE spirit of giving, caring and looking out for the indigent in society has been a founding objective of the Babonneau Mothers and Fathers Group (BMFG).

On October 14, the group celebrated 43 years in existence and part of its outreach included food hampers to 10 families across the community. This venture was heartily supported by the Aberson family from Cap Estate which has been totally supportive of aiding the group’s efforts at alleviating poverty in society.

In addition, the BMFG teamed up with Benchmark Entertainment and received 2 barrels of clothing and books from the U.S. which were distributed to the poor in the community of Babonneau.

Group president, Olga Charles, commenting on the group’s philanthropic endeavours, noted: “The Babonneau Mothers and Fathers Group has for a long time been concentrating their efforts on bringing some level of relief and alleviation to the needy in our society. We are proud to continue along this path and welcome deeply the contributions from the Aberson family and Benchmark Entertainment. As long-time believers of our cause, your actions have once again demonstrated and shown your confidence and support.”

As one of the more active Mothers and Fathers groups in St. Lucia, the BMFG is proud of their efforts and are hopeful that their efforts will provide an impetus for other groups and organizations to work towards aiding the needy.

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