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The Right or Wrong Side of Metaphors

I have listened attentively to the views of both sides of the political divide and additionally some independent minds in respect to the comment quote “I DON’T RESPOND TO EVERY BARKING DOG”. On the other hand, I recently got an independent opinion from someone who indicated as follows; “LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE”.

At that point, I pondered for a moment asking myself exactly which kennel I needed to address to discover which nature of dogs are metaphorically associated with human kind. It strikes me that over the years some of us are of the opinion that history needs to be rewritten to serve our own purpose, especially when we listen to some politicians giving their own opinion on how the word ‘poodle’ should be deciphered.

Unfortunately, the author of the ‘poodle’ comparison further referred to one of our ambassadors as a chi-wa-wa, so at this point in time, I remain confused as to who is right and who is wrong.

Michael Chastanet


  1. After noting the vicious German Shepherd pictured, and after seeing his name attached to the bottom (which was the first thing I looked for after hitting the link), I thought that ‘gros chas’ was just going to describe for us how his bark is worse than his bite!

  2. Here’s another for ‘gros chas’:

    “Qui veut tuer son chien l’accuse de la rage” – A man wanting to kill a dog will say it is rabid!

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