POEM: Commemorating 200 Years of the Abolition of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Dear Ancestors, I thank you. I feel so proud
you gave wealth to the world.
You took bruises and shed tears
on the plantation from dawn to sunset.
But, you gave me your strength.

Dear Ancestors. So beautiful,
kind and fragile like a Dove,
your patience and future was
that hope that kept you going
so I can be here today.

Dear Ancestors, where princesses are sunset,
you said prayers for a change.
Today your great-granddaughter Jean
honours all of you with heartfelt gratitude.
All my kindness, cheerfulness and patience
come from you. Also my smile and looks.

Dear Ancestors, I pray today. I looked in
the mirror and see all of you in me –
A loving mother to my children. Thank you,
Ancestors. I love all of you. Judgment Day soon come.
God bless.
© Jean Ju-Pierre (2007)


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