Children of Barbuda Need Our Help!

Image: Ninety-five percent of Barbuda is now unhabitable.

PRESS RELEASE – BELOW is a list from the Minister of Education in Antigua regarding the IMMEDIATE need for school supplies for the displaced children of Barbuda.

Image: Ninety-five percent of Barbuda is now unhabitable.
Ninety-five percent of Barbuda is now unhabitable.

We are calling upon our Open Campus and wider UWI community to find it in their hearts to provide school bags packed with school stationery appropriate to the educational levels listed below.

A total of 540 bags are needed for:
130 Pre-schoolers
250 Primary School Students
160 Secondary School Students

Seventy toddlers are also in need of wipes, diapers and other toiletries (easily distributed in baby bags).

We know that September is a difficult month for everyone but theirs is a need that MUST be fulfilled.

You don’t have to do it alone. To make it less of a financial strain, get together with family, friends and colleagues, pick an age group, and fill a bag with ALL the essentials that you would give to your own children.

If you are only able to provide a few items, we will happily accept them and combine them with donations from others.


Donations in Saint Lucia can be dropped off at the Open Campus Saint Lucia Site on Morne Fortune during normal working hours or give us a call on 719-6669 and we will happily arrange to pick up your donations.

Let us rise to the challenge and break all records with our generous response by the end of the week.

One UWI, One Caribbean Family!

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