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Bon Nouvel Provides Tour Guide Training

img: Soufriere one of Saint Lucias most visited towns brimming with further tourism potential.

ON August 1, amidst the official opening ceremony of Bon Nouvel Nature Trail, twenty people from Choiseul and Soufriere were presented with certificates of completion of Tour Guide Training.

Twenty-eight people began their training at Bon Nouvel on July 10 and during the two weeks that training lasted, the twenty of them who completed the training had to make presentations as tour guides, write a tour guide theory exam, and display proficiency in first aid as well as meet the 85% attendance rate.

Bon Nouvel is an eco-tourism heritage project at Esperance Estate, which is owned by former Minister for Commerce, Emma Hippolyte.

Bon Nouvel officially opened for business on August 1 and is located in Ravineau, Choiseul on 56.6 acres of land.

Currently, there are four nature trails, namely The Glace Trail, The Carib Trail, The Rainforest Trail and The River Ridge Trail.

Bon Nouvel can be contacted at 721-5392 or via email at or

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