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The Call Is Out

Image of Kensley Peter Charlemange
Image of Kensley Peter Charlemange
Independent Eye by Kensley Peter Charlemange

THE need for a revolution in our political system to greatly affect the status quo is making the rounds. We are sensible enough to know that more of the same is not change; at least I want to think so.

One person commented on social media that Saint Lucians do not know what we want. I replied that we sure know what we do not want, hence our present situation. It is my accepted deduction that Saint Lucians do not vote parties into power; they vote them out.

The United Workers Party did not in the last election present a formidable alternative. I do not think that we truly believed it, that ploy of “five to stay alive”. What we knew was that the promised jobs, jobs, jobs did not materialize and that we had had enough of the leader that we considered arrogant. Perception is everything.

The 2011 election was ripened ground for a strong, viable alternative but it did not happen. The dynamics in the last elections was by far different. It was a Labour/Flambeau showdown. Some say it was a family feud, Kenny versus the Chastanets.

There is word of the formation of another party but more of the same is not change. The movement that the LPM speaks of is not happening. The Greens Party, whose philosophy I embrace, needs a new face. The Coalition of Independent Candidates, to me, is the semblance of a party.

A party which a month before a general election did not have a full slate of candidates and was still able to attain an election victory is evidence of pure desperation. Desperation can never be a pillar to progress. Progress demands vision, honesty, know-how, ingenuity, innovation, forward-thinking, and stick-to-it-iveness. So it really boils down to the right candidates presenting themselves for election and the electorate having the ability to discern them and the will to elect them.

I have confessed to some that the revolution which they seek has already started. It, however, does need impetus. It has to be grass-rooted. It cannot be an imposition. It cannot be the more elite among us having all the answers.

I remain fervent that I will not be part of the disease that has brought this cancer upon us. I speak here of partisan politics. If my people’s eyes are not open to see it, then it means that they are not ready for the cure. The cure, though, has to be well-administered to an ailing patient and preparation has to be made to receive the treatment. The preparation demands dissatisfaction with what is, faith in the alternative, discussion and objective debate, and factual information.

To the disappointment of my family, I will not be vying for the community of Choiseul in the next election. I will remain true to conscience and give Anse La Raye/Canaries a third try. The revolution, however, cannot be achieved alone and the call is for more genuine persons to present themselves to the electorate. I cannot do it alone, so the call is out. The movement has to be organic.

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