SEA JAYS WIN AGAIN! – Back-to-back Titles For Swim Club In Karen Beaubrun Swim Meet

Image: Sea Jays Swim Club celebrates. (Anthony De Beauville)

FOR the second consecutive year, Sea Jays Swim Club emerged champions of the Karen Beaubrun Developmental Swim Meet held at the Rodney Heights Aquatic Centre. They won with 1,159 points.

The two-day meet was held in collaboration with the Saint Lucia Amateur Swimming Association and sanctioned by world governing body, FINA.

mage: (L-R) Sea Jays top awardees Pavana Dalson, D'Andre Blanchard and Marisa Louisy. (Anthony De Beauville)
(L-R) Sea Jays top awardees Pavana Dalson, D’Andre Blanchard and Marisa Louisy. (Anthony De Beauville)

Among the highlights of the event were the seven age group records set by four of the leading swimmers on island. Three of the records were set by Antoine Destang, who won the Boys’ 8-and-Under 100-metres breast stroke in 1 minute and 38:43 seconds, the 100-metres freestyle in 1 minute and 12:74 seconds and 200-metres freestyle in 2 minutes and 45:03 seconds.

Terrel Monplaisir (Seajays) was in good form as well, breaking the Boys’ 13-14 100-metres breast stroke record in 1 minute and 10:97 seconds.

Katie Kyle (Sharks) proved too much for the competition in the Girls’ 13-14 category, stopping the clock in the 50-metres freestyle in record time at 27:80 seconds and also 100-metres freestyle at 1 minute and 00:22.

Also making the record books was Jamarr Archibald in the Boys’ 13-14 200-metres freestyle, winning in a time of 2 minutes and 04:32 seconds.

Image: Sea Jays Swim Club celebrates. (Anthony De Beauville)
Sea Jays Swim Club celebrates. (Anthony De Beauville)

Sharks placed second with 935 points, Racers third with 503 points, Lightning Aquatic fourth with 495 points, Southern Flying Fish fifth with 290 points, RR Aquatic sixth with 290 points and Sports Academy seventh with 77 points.

The following awards were presented to age group individual winners:
• Girls 6-and-under (1st) Zaina Brathwaite, Sharks; (2nd) Maravilla John, Sharks; (3rd) Sarah Moraa, RR Aquatic; Boys 6- and-under (1st) Noah Dorville, Seajays; (2nd) Daniel Ambler, RR Aquatic; and (3rd) Aaron Charles, Lightning Aquatic.
• Girls 8-and-under (1st) Christopher Hannah, RR Aquatic; (2nd) Mila Festini Cromer, Seajays; (3rd) Gaillard Anneliese, Lightning Aquatic. It was a clean sweep for Sharks in the Boys 8-and-under with (1st) Antoine Destang, (2nd) Thaeden Antoine and (3rd) Jake Kyle.

Jasmine Stiede topped the Girls’ 9-10 category, with Amelia Joseph, Sharks (2nd), JerminaOdlum–Smith, Seajays (3rd). In the Boys 9-10 category, TherronHerelle, Racers was 1st, Karic Charles, Lightning Aquatics (2nd) and Tristan Dorville, Seajays (3rd).

Image: (L-R) Theron Herelle, Ziv Reynolds, Ethan Hazell and Antoine Destang. (Anthony De Beauville)
(L-R) Theron Herelle, Ziv Reynolds, Ethan Hazell and Antoine Destang. (Anthony De Beauville)

Naima Hazell of Lightning Aquatic won ahead of Naekeisha Louis (also of Lightning Aquatics) and JorjaMederick of Racers. In the Boys 11-12 category, D’Andre Blanchard, Sea Jays was 1st, Ziv Reynolds, Sharks (2nd) and Ernest Akim, unattached (3rd).

Sharks’ Mikaili Charlemagne topped the Girls’ 13-14 category’ 2nd was Marisa Louisy, Seajays; and 3rd Kaela George, Seajays. It was all Seajays in the Boys category with JayhanOdlum-Smith (1st), TerrelMonplaisir (2nd) and Jamarr Archibald (3rd).

In the Girls’ 15-and-over category, Mya Peter of Seajays won ahead of her team mate PavanaDalsou and Chloe Thomas. In the Boys’ category, Christopher Phillips (Seajays) finished ahead of Devin Boodha (also of Sea Jays Swim Club) and Omar Alexander (Racers Swim Club).

Meanwhile, special recognition certificates were awarded to individuals who were identified by their clubs as swimmers who stood out for dedication and commitment to training with great sportsmanship.

The awardees were Tristan Dorville (Seajays), Ian Spiegelberg (Sharks), Omar Alexander (Racers), Naima Hazel (Lightning Aquatics), Anika Holder (Southern Flying Fish), Jamil Laurence (RR Aquatics) and ShamereFevrier (Sports Academy).

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