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PLANNING a vacation can be very exhausting and “Island Neighbours” understands the overwhelming experience which you are faced with. Finances must be available, reservations must be made and the perfect accommodation must be sought. What do you look for when in search of the perfect hotel, inn or guest house?

If you are adventurous, perhaps you may consider an eco-lodge or resort nestled in the heart of Dominica’s lush, mountainous terrain. If you really want to experience Nature in all its glory, you may wish to consider treehouse accommodations where one may experience unparalleled natural artistry in some of the untouched places in the Caribbean.

Some of the most renowned eco-resorts in Dominica include Rosalie’s Forest Eco Lodge and Tamarind Tree Hotel. Martinique and Guadeloupe bring to you a rustic, European flamboyance unlike any other in the Caribbean. The majority of the resorts are well-equipped and sophisticated offering services to all regardless of physical impediments. If you prefer an all-expense paid vacation, several of the resorts affords this luxury.

With many resorts providing pre-planned activities in their packages, the culture of the French Isles is often celebrated at these resorts. What do you look for when you are planning a vacation? Tell us …

New things are happening in Dominica. On April 5, the first-ever Reggae Creole Festival was launched in Dominica. The festival dubbed “RaggaKweyol” will be held in Dominica on April 29. This first show will feature acts from Luciano and Ties Gang from Martinique.

Neighbourly GetAways
The picturesque sites captivate you, the natural beauty stuns you, the delicious Caribbean cuisine seduces you but you need more…a lot more. Every vacation is incomplete without the perfect accommodation and we would like to assist in that regard. After a day of fun in sun and sand, camp out at the award-winning Beau Rive Hotel in Dominica. This resort which is located between the coastal villages of Castle Bruce and Sineku epitomizes privacy. Fully-equipped with a library, free Wi-Fi, swimming pool, laundry services and other standard facilities, this resort can be your temporary home away from home.

In Martinique, spend a weekend at La Suite Villa – an elegant award-winning resort which stands out because of its aged, architectural appeal. This establishment boasts an impressive business center, library, solarium, swimming pool and wheelchair access to its differently-abled clientele.

We travel for several reasons, it may be a honeymoon getaway, a work/holiday vacation, a weekend lime, a sporting event, a business venture or an exciting expedition. Your vacation lodgment should be selected to suit your travelling purposes.

The businessman in Guadeloupe may find the commercial centre, Pointe á Pitre, as close proximity to businesses on the island. Island Neighbours suggests Hotel, Village Soleil at Marina Bas du Fort, Gosier, rated average and appropriate. A traveller who is on a fun trip may never bother with location but on a look-out for nightlife or romance. In this instance, Les Petit Saints, Rue de la Savanne, Guadeloupe is private venue with exquisite nightlife and adventure. Be sure to rent a scooter.

Historical note! Approximately 70% of the tourists visiting the island of Guadeloupe are from France. Get to know your neighbours!
A bit of the French for the Visitor
Le logement
No vacancy
Le lit
La serviette
I would like a room for two nights
Je voudraisunechambre pour deuxnuits
With two beds
Laundry Services
Un service de lessive
Swimming Pool
Une piscine
What time is check-out time?


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