Amy Winehouse Foundation Continues Support

Image of Amy Winehouse

AMY’S Gift to St. Lucia, a non-profit organization, has received a contribution of $17,485 from the Amy Winehouse Foundation in the U.K.

This marks the third year that the Foundation has donated to the St. Lucian organization and it is testament to the success that has been achieved.

Image of Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse

Amy’s Gifts brings music therapy into the lives of students of Dunnottar School and wards of the Boys’ Training Centre. Through the programme, these institutions now have established bands that have played at the Musicbox, private venues and community events.

Many other students and wards have also benefitted from the programme which helps in increasing self-confidence, regulating emotions and promoting listening and attention skills. In addition to the music component, funds to assist a drug awareness programme are also allocated to the Boys’ Training Centre.

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The money received represents about a third of the funds needed to sustain the programme and Amy’s Gifts to St. Lucia is very grateful to the Amy Winehouse Foundation for recognizing its efforts and continuing their support.

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