AMMA Relaunches With ‘Ultimate Fashion Show

THE Allana Maximin Modeling Agency (AMMA) is taking a giant leap forward by hosting its relaunch in the form of a fashion show, The Ultimate Fashion Show, at Baywalk Mall next Saturday afternoon.

After two years of flying under the radar helping young men and women improve their skills and their attitude, The AllanaMaximinModelingAgency has decided to take advantage of new opportunities.

“The Ultimate Fashion Show will be a spectacle: a world class production, the hottest up-and-coming outfits from popular stores, and an exclusive slice of AMMA’s elite. Our mission of multicultural arts promotion, ethnic diversity, and positive image remain strong, and we are proud to continue assisting the young men and women of St. Lucia”, said an agency spokesman.

With a new year and new models, AMMA Models would like everyone to be part of this experience. The production has been organized to make every seat feel like a front row seat. AMMA Models is happy to open modeling opportunities and volunteer positions to the entire island.

Added the spokesman: “We look forward to continuing our great relationships with sponsors, clothing stores, designers, press, and all of our fans—and with only a few days until show time, our models have kicked into full gear.”

. Directors AllanaMaximin and Markeem Morrison, along with the staff from Baywalk Mall, are committed to making this production one that goes down in history.

The Ultimate fashion show is a free event open to the public. Anyone interested in getting involved as a volunteer should contact ammamodels15@gmail.com.

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