“A Man of the Soil”

Image of Nobel Literature Laureate Derek Walcott
Titoa Savery

A man of countless words who touched the lives of many.

A man of the soil, the Nobel Prize for Literature he won.

A man who has walked the Hall of Fame, knowing that to inspire others would require no shame.

A man of integrity, poise and eloquence was he.
His words resonated with many and left their minds in awe.

A man whose profound love for poetry enabled him to have won the hearts of many.

D-ream big

E-very chance you get, with the mindset that it will one day be a
E-ven when it seems like there is no end in sight
K-now that giving up is not an option to be explored.
W-ith a positive
A-ttitude and frame of mind anything is within our reach!
L-ong live the memories of a
T-houghtful and
T -actful individual.

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