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DSH – Time for Decision

Image: A design of the proposed Pearl of the Caribbean.

AS the DSH project unfolds, the realists of the nation remain optimistic, while the opposition who dilly-dallied over two years have failed to come to grips with reality based on the terms and conditions set forth by the present administration. The nation has spoken with one voice in terms of change and the Prime Minister has little choice but to move St. Lucia forward after four years of stagnation. We simply have to revisit the winds of political change surrounding us the world over to realise that decision making is no longer an option but a requirement by our leaders to move forward expeditiously.

Our association with China must be taken seriously in light of the enormity of the DSH project, but additionally, the recent visit of some eighteen top notch investors who liaise with both the public and private sectors including several statutory bodies. Beyond the thirty months of negotiations by DSH with the SLP administration and another eight months of negotiations with the United Workers Party administration, the time has come to say YES or NAY to the investors, failing which, any administration wishing to procrastinate any further will be seen as delinquent.

There are numerous reasons for the decisions taken by this administration in respect to the DSH project. Firstly, the unemployment situation in St. Lucia is simply unacceptable and must be addressed by sustainable jobs. Commercial activities must be addressed as a number of business houses clamouring for additional sales must be recognised as those businesses provide sustainable jobs.

Our tourism market must be elevated to create incremental revenue to address our nation’s lingering deficit and there is no better period to do so but now as the Chinese population has presently embarked upon an aggressive tourism programme. How many of us are aware that only 5% of the Chinese population of 1.6 billion people have passports and today Chinese tourists represent the largest inflow into the US. These are the underline facts we must recognise and consider if our government does not act swiftly.

Planned demonstrations during a period of stagnation are an exercise in futility but more importantly, one without a conscience. Persons who have their nation at heart would reflect on the hundreds without jobs and the desire by many young and small entrepreneurs to be presented with an opportunity to improve their livelihood.

– Andre St Prix


  1. And so in desperation we resort to CANNIBALIZING our CULTURE < LANDS and PAGAN SOULS
    I bet you have residency privileges in the metro areas of UK or USA or CANADA…….

  2. I disagree with the contention that this is an appropriate solution to the very real need for jobs – there are other ways that would not destroy our fragile and already collapsing natural resources and assets. There are many other kinds of tourism that could be developed and indeed, marketed to the Chinese as well as other growing market sectors – cultural, heritage, eco tourism, health, education, conference, sport tourism (granted the racetrack is sport, but the environmental impact means this particular proposal is highly questionable)
    So, no, we are not heartless at all – we care about genuine long-term development that will bring a balance of positive impacts to the people of Saint Lucia

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