Table Tennis Finals

THE Castries Table Tennis Centre in Vide Bouteille will be the venue for the Saint Lucia National Tennis Association’s National Premier Table Tennis League finals today from 5:00 p.m.

Contesting the finals will be Superserv Carbons and BXB Money Savers Challengers in an anticipated thrilling showdown between the two teams.

In semi-final action played on Wednesday night at the same venue, the Eagles suffered defeat at the hands of the BXB Savers Challengers 3 – 1. Chris Wells and Celestin Samuel competed for the Eagles and Adrian Albert and Chris Hippolyte competed for the BXB Savers Challengers

Chris Wells of Eagles beat Chris Hippolyte 3 – 0 and Celestin Samuel of Eagles lost to Adrian Albert 1 – 3. In doubles action Wells and Samuel lost to Albert and Hippolyte 1-3. Albert beat Wells 3 – 1 to complete the victory for BXB Savers Challengers 3 – 1.

In the play offs for the finals, the Eagles came up against the formidable Compuserv Carbons represented by Omarie Ferdinand and Carlos Innocent. Compuserve Carbons won easily 3 – 0.

Ferdinand defeated Samuel 3-0; while Innocent made light work of Wells defeating him 3 – 0.

In doubles action, Innocent and Ferdinand beat Wells and Samuels 3 – 0.

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