Artist Circle Shares Its ‘Perspectives’

Image: Father and daughter team, Ken and Solange Lawrence, collaborate for their first joint exhibition. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]

Exhibition On At Alliance Francaise.

ART LOVERS are being urged to patronize the “Perspectives” art exhibition now on at Alliance Francaise being hosted by Artist Circle St. Lucia.

The exhibition opened on Monday and runs through December 19 and features works from some of Artist Circle’s members, namely Nancy Cole-Auguste, Gary Butte, Cedric George, Janet Lang, Ken Lawrence, Solange Lawrence, Jean Mederick, Chester Williams and Nicole Edgecombe.

Image: Father and daughter team, Ken and Solange Lawrence, collaborate for their first joint exhibition. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]
Father and daughter team, Ken and Solange Lawrence, collaborate for their first joint exhibition. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]
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Edgecombe, who is also Artist Circle’s Public Relations Officer, said the exhibition – which has as its sub-theme, “Connecting Community Through Art” – is the group’s first big push to reach out in an effort to attract the wide range of artists working in Saint Lucia.

“The theme of our exhibition is about unity and diversity,” Edgecombe said at Monday evening’s opening. “We wanted to emphasize that we are all very different and come from different perspectives where art is concerned: from photography to representational realistic painting.”

The exhibition, Edgecombe said, is also being used to stimulate the Artist Circle’s membership drive. She added that the Artist Circle aims to enliven art in Saint Lucia as it once was, reminiscing the days of the M&C Fine Arts Festival when artists seemed to show more interest, especially during the art exhibitions and competitions.

As such, the Artist Circle has been organizing regular plein air activities in an effort to bring artists together to paint and socialize. These activities also serve to showcase artists’ works to the wider community. Taking art into public spaces, Edgecombe said, is also among the group’s main objectives.

“We want to take exhibitions like this to hospitals, business houses and other buildings across the island so that art becomes accessible to all. We really mean it when we say we want to connect the community through art,” Edgecombe explained.

On the last Saturday of the exhibition (December 17), Artist Circle will be hosting a few art workshops for children at Alliance Francaise. Edgecombe believes that everyone should be able to benefit from the aesthetic pleasures of art.

“We truly believe that everyone can benefit from their exposure to art,” Edgecombe said. “From my perspective, art heals people and souls, brings relaxation and enjoyment, balances the brain and reduces stress, depression and anxiety by focusing the mind. So we want to expose more people to art by encouraging ingenuity and creativity, which is why we’re also targeting young people.”

Anyone desirous of joining the association or purchasing paintings can do so by calling the group’s president, Ken Lawrence, at 728 4824 or by email at acstlicia@gmail.com . Artist Circle, which was formed earlier this year, is also online at www.artistcirclestlucia.simplesite.com, www.facebook.com/Artist-Circle-847370002041209 and www.instagram.com/artistcirclestlucia.

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