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A Matter of Faith

Mary-Juliana-Brice2HOW dedicated are you to the virtue of faith? It is our task to keep faith in our lives. Our faith of course, is in God, and so we need to have faith in our life’s mission. When we trust and have reliance on anything at all, this is part of our faith. When we show our faith to others, they begin to trust us faithfully, and so there is a lovely relationship that comes on.

Very often our faith is lost, and so we trust no one about anything at all. It is very obvious to see what is right or wrong, and so if we see that something is right, we place our faith in this. In difficult times, our faith is not near us, and so we encounter such terrible things. If by chance we have strength and hope in difficult times, this is because we have our faith, and so we are able to encounter this in a very special way with not much difficulty.

Sometimes we want to accomplish something. Do we have faith in this? If we have faith in what we are doing and are trying to make it happen, faith helps us to accomplish it all. In time, we are working some things, and nothing at all seems to be taking place completely. Why should we be doing something and not show our faith so that it can be achieved? Faith is what causes us to accomplish things in a very special way.

If you decide to begin a new business, or want to train someone to obtain a very special goal, or you begin a new session that had never been done before, your faith in this will definitely assist you in achieving all that is being done. Why do we ever doubt our faith when this is what works best for us in all our needs?

Relationships with others do not start with faith, even if we have a good feeling about them. It is only over time that we are able to build a genuine faith and trust in them, as we get to see who they really are, and how they operate in every aspect of their lives. Sometimes we hear something about them and so we distrust them. That is why relationships at some point, do not remain faithful with our faith, hope and love for each other.

On some occasions, we just have total faith in someone or something, without paying too much attention to the details, and so we end up disappointed at some point in time. If we make a special effort to get to know God and trust in Him, and we begin to accept our faith in Him, we will treat others in a very special way.

Your faith allows you to be totally dedicated to God and what He has ordained for you. So if you have faith and you do not see all that you wanted to happen, please meditate and see that what has taken place reflects to your way of life, and not something that is not in keeping with what the Lord has ordained for you. If something difficult is going on with some one in your family and you pray for them, please have faith that your prayers will be answered, as faith allows you to place your trust in God.

If we understand God’s words, then will we appreciate what we can have our faith for. Faith only grows if we exercise it. If not, it won’t be with us. So let us all just be dedicated to our faith and trust in God.

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