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Bay Gardens Resorts Offer Island Wi-Fi

Locally-owned and operated award-winning resort chain, Bay Gardens Resorts, has introduced an innovative new service for guests who want to stay connected on the go: “Island Wi-Fi”.

The popular and forward-thinking resort chain has been the first to offer many new initiatives in the Caribbean, including their “The Taste of Rodney Bay” Dine Around Programme, which has been credited with reinventing the all-inclusive concept.

The resort chain also introduced the Caribbean’s first-ever open water sports park, Splash Island Water Park, in August 2015 and is now introducing Island Wi-Fi, a portable wireless device that will provide guests with island-wide connection for sharing pictures on popular sites like Facebook or Instagram, browsing the World Wide Web, take instant videos to share on Snapchat or even just staying in contact with popular messaging apps like WhatsApp. As long as it requires a data connection, Island Wi-Fi by Bay Gardens Resorts will be there to provide it.

This new feature gives guests the opportunity to share the beautiful sights and sounds of Saint Lucia when going on tours or visiting popular attractions. It also helps with keeping them entertained on long drives from the airport. This can be a big help with guests who have children as the service can also be used to provide connections for games, YouTube and Netflix. The savings alone on data roaming charges are a significant benefit for those who love to share their travel experiences with family and friends.

Guests who wish to use this feature can request an Island Wi-Fi device during their check-in process or with the pre-arrival concierge service. One portable wireless device will allow for up to 10 connections, permitting guests to use their tablets, cell phones or portable computers anywhere they desire, as long as there is a signal. The daily cost for this feature is US$10 inclusive of taxes per device but guests who book a Bay Gardens experience directly with the company will receive this service absolutely free.

Bay Gardens Resorts remains committed to providing comfortable experiences coupled with great services for all guests and Island Wi-Fi does just that. Guests now have the chance to have a worry-free stay, share their memories with the rest of the world and keep their family entertained.

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