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Solange Drops New Single, “Ou Dou”


Being single and vulnerable deserve more attention!

Now while it’s easy to brag about the bliss of being single, especially in this digital world, we all at one point will crave a lover.

The new song, “Ou Dou”, by Solange, is atmospheric and captures your imagination from the start, setting the tone for a sweet and engaging Zouk rhythm that arrests and delights you.

Solange is at her most poised and honest in this fluffy French feast of beautiful bass and flirty chords across the track. She undresses her chorus word for word and by its end she tempts a cosseted situation of “mwen vlay ba-ouye doo doo.”

Maybe, just maybe, she offers us is a petite insight of her road to self-empowerment, depicting her delicate evolution while helping us sort through our own expectations and imaginings for someone we may have an eye for.

You can turn your volume to LOUD or sing it all to yourself if you like, but for “Ou Dou”, the most mind-expanding possibility of being single and vulnerable is the realization that we all really the same thing: true love.

“Ou Dou” has this calm, skirted radiance of someone who has just figured out exactly what they want to say.

The song was written by Solange, produced by Kenson Hippolyte and recorded at K-Lab Studios.

So, Solange invites you to sing along to something sweet with “Ou Dou”.

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