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Are St. Lucians Stupid?

The Independent Eye - By Kensley Peter Charlemagne

RICK Wayne often times refers to us a bunch of illiterates. Sometimes I take offence to his malapropism. If you think malapropism is a good use of a word or you don’t even care to find out the meaning, then we are stupid.

Many times we vilify Velon John for his erudite vocabulary instead of emulating him. Many of us shy from reading Derek Walcott but we are happy to gloat over the fact that we have two Nobel Laureates when we do not have an inclination as to what Sir Arthur espouses.

I remember being chastised by a young man a few years ago for my articles. He said that I am just there using “big words” in my articles and that would not get the youth engaged. Sometimes you think that you are speaking to a dinosaur class when you interact with some Saint Lucians. There is a reason why we gravitate to Jamaican dancehall music and a reason why we embrace the rubbish that some of our local “artistes” put out in the name of music.

There is a reason why Sam “Jook Bois” Flood is a most popular radio personality. There is a reason why all the bookstores around the island have folded. There is a reason why we hardly see people, old or young, regularly reading a book or a newspaper. There is a reason why the Arts Cafe wants to change its name. Honestly I wish they would not. Many people do not know where The Arts Cafe is. Many people do not know what the Arts Cafe is about. To the owners, The Arts Cafe is like a ring in a pig’s nose, a place like that would do well in New York City, I am told. The owners tell me that Saint Lucians don’t read. As a person who tries to make a living off poetry, tell me something I don’t know. The owners tell me that many people see the sign and they figure that they are providing some internet surfing service. “You came by and told us of the time change in the opening hours. Many Saint Lucians don’t notice that. In fact they will look at the sign read it and then ask, What time are you closing?’”

They do not know that The Arts Cafe provided a food and beverage service because they do not read the signage.

The other thing is that we are lazy; mentally and physically. “The people would see the flight of steps and don’t want to climb it.” I say put a disco up there and throw a birthday bash or a Country and Western session and you will see the flood of them who turn up.

The other thing is that we do not support our own. We have some dumb ministers who have no vision. Some round pegs in square holes. Round and fat, living off tax payers’ money. I am not just talking about politicians. We don’t support our own. The Arts Cafe had to get an endorsement from a ‘foreign’ company. Then, you would think that our band of artistes would unite and support the cause. We artistes are our own worst enemies.

Are Saint Luciana stupid? I can’t think otherwise given all that I have said and that they would elect like Allen Chastanet as prime minister. I must make here a confession that I did vote for the UWP, not that I liked Fedee but I wanted the arrogant Kenny out. And it is time that Kenny acknowledges that he is the number one reason why the SLP lost the election. Look now all the stupid people will say I am



  2. Kinsley:

    In mathematics there is a law known as the TRANSITIVE LAW, which states if STUPID (equals) VOTING FOR ALLEN (equals) Kinsley Then Kinsley is STUPID. A = B = C then A = C

    I am not the one who calls you stupid, just in case you are too STUPID to arrive at that conclusion, YOU CALLED YOURSELF STUPID, to which I concur.

    Let me quote you here: “Are Saint Lucians Stupid? I can’t think otherwise given all that I have said and that they would elect Allen Chastanet Prime Minster.”

    Then in the next sentence you confess, “I voted for Allen Chastanet/U.W.P.”

    I never thought you “STUPID”, but who am I to argue with what you know about yourself?

    How could you have been so frigging STUPID to impose such a disaster like THE CHASTANET CRIME FAMILY ON THE HEADS OF OUR LITTLE BOYS AND GIRLS ?

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