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Pedestrian Struck Down By Motorcycle

The condition of an elderly man who was struck down by a motorcycle a little after 9:00 p.m. Saturday night, is uncertain as reports are coming in surrounding the freak collision.

According to eyewitnesses, the rider who was wearing protective gear was making an attempt to avoid hitting another vehicle, but in the process, collided with the pedestrian.

Whilst the rider, escaped with no life threatening injuries, the pedestrian whose identity remains unknown, was not so lucky.

Eyewitness have described a gruesome scene, making claims that the victim was left in a mangled state with apparently serious head injuries.

Another eyewitness has made some claims, saying that he had earlier witnessed the rider and two other motorcyclists, all wearing protective gear, riding up and down along the street in a joyriding manner.

The witness said it wasn’t until he got a little further that he saw one of the same riders involved in the incident.

One man expressed disgust, saying that most witnesses were busy taking photographs with their mobile phones, whilst only a few tried to console the visibly shaken and remorseful rider.

At this time, The VOICE has been unable to ascertain further information but updates will be posted on the matter.


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