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‘Patra’ Recovering from Stroke

WELL known street hustler and calypso tent character Catherine Flavien, affectionately known as Patra was recently struck down by a stroke and is now recovering in a Home at Hospital Road.

A brief announcement of her whereabouts was made on Social Media Thursday afternoon and upon further enquiry, the news was confirmed by the sisters of the Mother Teresa Missionaries of Charity, who run the Home.

According to one of the Sisters at the Home, Flavien’s stroke was as a result of months of suffering from untreated high blood pressure. She said two men came to the Home on Wednesday and reported seeing Flavien, 51, in need of help and asked if they (the Sisters) could provide any.

The Sister said the two men subsequently led them to Flavien’s location and found her lying helplessly on a single blanket outside a shanty in Barnard Hill, surrounded by cats and dogs.

With the assistance of the same young men who raised the alarm, Flavien was carried into a waiting vehicle and taken to the Home where she was cleaned, clothed, fed and cared for.

As a result of the stroke, it was revealed that Flavien has no motor skills on one side of her body and so she has been left wheelchair bound.

However, carers at the Home are optimistic that she will make a good recovery as it appears that the stroke was not extremely severe.

Flavien is extremely grateful for the help she has been receiving and is in such high spirits. She is said to be grateful for the support and concerns from the public and has asked that prayers be offered for her general welfare


M.C. Fabian with Patra
M.C. Fabian with Patra

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