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Mary-Juliana-Brice2THE Virtue of Patience? What exactly is that? Are we aware of this as it is something absolutely necessary in our lives? How patient are you in your life’s journey? It is so easy to disregard patience, although it is something that is essential in your life. When someone becomes impatient, they do some wrong things. They treat people badly, and they have no regard for understanding that there is a virtue of patience.

In the fourth Sorrowful Mystery, “The Carrying of the Cross,” we pray for the virtue of patience. When we recognise this, we will realise that anytime we are encountering difficulties in our lives, we have to become patient. By being patient too, we allow ourselves to forgive all those who have done us wrong, and have placed more difficulty in our lives. What we need to acknowledge too, is that no one’s life is ever easy throughout, and so when difficulties occur in our lives, we need to cope very well with it, by being patient.

Patience is needed in everything. We should never do something wrong, as we sometimes think that this is what should be done, so that we can cope with any form of difficulty that occurs. Far too often we become impatient with our family, according to what we see they are doing. We cause trouble, and some hit others when they are disgusted with them. Why can’t we allow people to do what they want to, especially if it is not right? We can try to speak to them, and even if they ignore us, we need to be patient, for in time we will see how much they have changed, as they will at some point recognise their wrongdoings. Nothing lasts forever, and being patient allows us to get some very good results, as persons eventually will come to us for some advice.

When you see something awful going on, do not judge or become impatient, as you do not have a proper idea of what will happen. Be patient, and take a look at it all, for it is only then will you clearly see what is going on. In our quick judgement, sometimes we are wrong, and so this causes lots of trouble.

Patience definitely calms your life. You don’t become distressed too often, and so this gives you very enjoyable days filled with love and care for your family and friends. Why do we not recognise the value of being patient? If we try this on a few occasions, we will quickly see some positive changes in our lives. Surrendering it all to the Lord, certainly gives us the opportunities to be patient, for we are no longer trying to save ourselves from horrible issues.

Patience makes you endure discomfort without panic and complaints, but it is not easy to be always patient. When you are worried, unhappy and anxious about different things, you may not realise that this is the virtue of impatience. When you recognise the virtue of patience, you will be much better in all your needs.

Learn to relax when you feel impatient, and so you will reduce the pressure that is coming on to you. Some things take time to be sorted out, so do not rush, just remain patient. The virtue of patience is the key to success! This is a lifelearning lesson.

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