Mitchell Wins 75K Road Race

SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD Juvenile Cyclist Kluivert Mitchell won that 75 kilometre road race held last Sunday in a time of 2 hours, 11 minutes, 01 second.

Jordan Richard of Excellers was second a cross the finish line, Fidel Esnard, 3rd and Winston Williams, 4th.

With 21 riders at the starting line, the race started at approximately 8.00 a.m. due to morning showers. A lead selection of 13 riders was quickly established within the first 5 kilometre mark consisting of Kluivert Mitchell, Jessie Mentor, Dave Charlery, Joel Mentor, Andrew Norbert (Mon Repos), Winston Williams, Jordan Richard, Hilan Aubert (Excellers). Fidel Esnard, Kenneth Mathurin Project and Jamal David (Breakaway) Antinous Jn Baptiste and Donald Joseph (Dennery).

In the lead bunch, the Excellers duo of Richard and Williams were attacking trying to shake off the others on the hill again by the 42 km mark. Richard went on the offensive climbing out of the Ciceron area to the Roundabout near the Owen King EU Hospital.

Mitchell bridged across, and Williams seemed to be in trouble whilst Charlery, Esnard and Jn Baptiste were closing in on the two leaders. However, Williams recovered and connected and by the summit of the round -about Charlery and Jn Baptiste were dropped with four riders now in the lead: Williams, Jordan, Esnard and Mitchell.

Charlery and Jn Baptiste were in pursuit with Jn Baptiste doing the pacing alone for close to 5 km until Charlery came through to pace and Jn Baptiste unable to hold on as Charlery increased the tempo in search of the leaders and was able to catch back by the 49 km mark.

Immediately, the Excellers riders went on the attack again with Richard leading the charge and not giving Charlery any chance to recover after latching back on the lead group.

At the 51km mark, an attack on the slopes near Rambally’s Wrecker Service eliminated Charlery from the lead group and he eventually abandoned the event.

Again four riders were in the lead and with 24 km left to go for Mitchell, Richard, Williams and Esnard. In the last 24 km Excellers’ Williams and Richard put in no less than 10 attacks in an effort to dislodge the other two riders. Mitchell responded to the attacks until the finish where he emerged victorious in the sprint finish.

Final results – 1st place Kluivert Mitchell, 2 hours,11 minutes 01 secs; 2nd Jordan Richard, 3rd Fidel Esnard, 4th Winston Williams, and 5th Antinous Jn Baptiste 2 hours, 23 minutes, 53 seconds.


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