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More Grow Well Scholarships for G.I. Children

GROW Well Inc. of Gros Islet, with the sponsorship of Pawasol Pour Ti Mamai, has awarded a small group of less fortunate children from the north of the island with scholarship funds to assist with their educational expenses.

The event which took place at the Grow Well Centre on Wednesday and in attendance was the president of GWI Paul Lorde, treasurer of GWI Andrew De Verteuil, treasurer Pawasol Pour Ti Mamay Sue Allamby, as well as four out of the ten student recipients, parents and a teacher from the Monchy Combined School.

GWI is a voluntary organisation which offers services to the young persons, in particular the young people around the town of Gros Islet.

The organisation offers a number of programmes and facilities to the students including library services, access to a computer lab, remedial reading, and golf which is the most popular programme the over 35 children registered.

Lorde (centre) with scholarship winners.
Lorde (centre) with scholarship winners.

This year the GWI continued in its efforts to offer support three students of the Gros Islet Primary School, three from the Gros Islet Infant School, two from the Monchy Combined and two from the Grand Riviere Infant School.

Two new students, Kimani Thomas who will attend the Corinth Secondary School and Lilly Alberti who will attend the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School were added to the list of recipients.

Lorde proudly said: “Kimani Thomas is one of the youngsters who was last year’s golf champion in the youth tournament. He has been very good and the programme has assisted in shaping and disciplining him. We are very thankful that we are able to assist with the help of Pawasol Pour Ti Mamai.”

The GWI Ppesident encouraged the recipients to continue making the organisation and its sponsors proud. He said: “Pawasol Pour Ti Mamai has been saying that they raise funds to assist and they want their money well spent. So we say to the scholars, if we see your grades are going down and we are not seeing improvement, you may lose the opportunity to continue the scholarship so we encourage you to do well and make us all feel proud so we can continue to seek means and ways to assist you in your development and your education for your future lives.”

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