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Government House Goes Solar

img; Workmen installing the system yesterday.
Workmen installing the system yesterday.

GOVERNMENT House at Morne Fortune has been fitted with a solar photovoltaic (PV) system through the generosity of Solar Heads of State.

This system will allow Government House to partially operate on renewable energy, saving the country hundreds of dollars in electricity costs per month.

Solar Heads of State is a non-profit association formed by a team of solar energy social entrepreneurs from around the world. They aim to create an aspirational solar leadership club that inspires other leaders to follow suit by installing solar energy on their own executive residence’s and adopting favourable renewable energy policies.

Solar Heads of State is partnering with local entrepreneurs for this initiative. As a result of this exposure, these local partners will obtain the relevant skills and knowledge that will enhance their capacity in the installation of solar systems.

Installation of the system at Government House is in keeping with the country`s target to increase generation of renewable energy penetration into the grid by 35 percent by 2020. Work commenced on Monday with training of the staff who will be charged with the responsibility of maintaining the system.

The official launch of the Solar PV System took place at Government House yesterday morning.

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    Why is Harry not sequestered therein
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    Green parrot
    Why does the fuhrer2 of ups get to monopolize the goose egg?
    Is this not the GG’ showcase?

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