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ECTEL Holds Media Clinic Here Today

THE second in the series of ECTEL media clinics for Member States moves to Saint Lucia later this week. The theme of the clinic which will draw media practitioners from across the Saint Lucian media landscape is: “Changes in the Regulatory Landscape for Electronic Communications-The Role of ECTEL and the NTRC.”

The media clinic aims to bring together media practitioners in ECTEL Member States, to familiarize them with the current regulatory landscape and the pertinent issues and trends affecting the sector and ECTEL’s role as regulator for the five sovereign states. It will also help the media to understand the role and regulatory functions of the national Commissions, in this case, the NTRC of Saint Lucia.

Presentations will be made on topics such as the structure and functions of ECTEL based on the Treaty; structure of the NTRC; broadcasting and spectrum monitoring; and the role of the Minister for Telecommunications. The clinic will also look at the Electronic Communications Sector in the ECTEL Member States – key trends, indicators and statistics and discuss the role of data in regulation. The facilitators will also provide updates on new regulatory initiatives including the EC Bill, Regulations, Roaming and Number Portability.

The Saint Lucia media clinic will be held today at Monroe College, Vide Bouteille. It begins at 9. 00 in the morning.

The first such event was held in Grenada in July. Similar events are also planned for the remaining three ECTEL Member States.

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