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Your Eiusdem Generis Is Useless, Dr. John

Image of Dr. Velon John

By Neville Cenac

I wish to respond directly to Dr.Velon John whose article appeared in your last weekend issue:

1. In your attempt to reply to my bona fides article “Recurrent Stupidity” or “That Recurrent Stupidity” in The VOICE and The STAR of even date, July 30 last, you sought refuge in that important rule in the interpretation of statutes, Eiusdem Generis, which means: “where specific words are followed by general words then the latter must be interpreted in the light of the former”. I humbly suggest, that in so far as it is intended to aid in interpreting Section 36(1) of our constitution, it is helpless. You could, as well have thrown in all other rules of construction, including, Noscitur a sociis and Expressiouniusestexclusioalterius, and earn yourself the well-deserved title of “Obscurium per obscurius”, meaning obscure by the even more obscure.

2. As a Doctor of Laws you are bound to know that in using the expression as “a sword and shield”, your first obligation is to immediately identify the “specific words” in Section 36 (1) that “are followed by general words”. So little faith had you in your own argument that you made no mention of them in sacrificing your reputation in “The Sacrificial Lamb” for the lion of a Government you have been supporting.

3. I was very unhappy that you did not entertain us with your usual heavy-duty -jaw-bone breaking-tongue swallowing words, so characteristic of you. At the same time, I must give you credit for the soft-on-the-mouth phrase, “temporal template”. You see how fair I am!

4. As I do not intend to mislead you, I wish to remind you that just as “the apparel oft proclaims the man” so do heavy-duty words. In other words, a man who is constantly gaudily and fancifully dressed is as ridiculous as one who never fails to adorn his language with heavy-duty words. Perhaps you should, therefore try hard to observe this advice of SommersetMaughn to the ponderous:

“The unintelligent require plainness of language, and the truly wise are the last to despise simplicity.”
Should you wish to carry on with your old hard ways, I would be delighted to send you a load of discarded words of sound, marching in search of ideas.

5. My attempt to contribute an idea to the present impasse was not however, lost on The Editor of The Voice in his rather balanced editorial of the same 6th August. There he said:

“Neville Cenac in an article in this newspaper made an interesting point that it is the House, by simple majority of the quorum present that makes the appointment. He contends that the constitution does not require that an appointment be made by and with the consent of the Opposition.” The Editor wished that “the interesting observation” be tested in a Court of Law and concurred that the entire matter is a case of “Recurrent Stupidity” and “childish games being played out by grown men.”

6. Is there anything “assinine” about that Dr. John? That base adjective, Dr. John, “devalues your doctoral robes” an expression used by my daughter, Cybelle to reprimand Dr. Anthony when he sought to act like you. So in future, “Whatever you do, do it nicely” was her parting advice to him. Please, do take it.

7. For my part I would recommend to you what is, for me, the most important nursery rhyme ever composed, though it be of three lines only. From our first days at school it instructs us thus:

“A was an apple-pie;
B bit it;
C cut it.”
(John Eachard, 1671).
To this I would add the Apostle Paul’s injunction to us:
“Let all things be done decently and in order.”


  1. .

    Neville Cenac:

    you sound like a wounded cur, as though you were spat upon and kicked. It is self-evident that Velon total disintegrated you brains setting your emotions ablaze.

    The arguments presented by Velon were simple and straightforward, that any lay person understood.

    You Neville Cenac, on the other hand, have me questioning your GPA; was it a 1 . 2 G.P.A. ? sounding like a little punk with simplistic personal attacks on Velon’s mastery of the English language, while we were forced to listen to your hysteria, and sounding as if you were the recipient of Male To Female Estrogen hormone therapy.

    It would be quite disappointing if Velon degraded himself by responding to your hysteria.

    Neville Cenac this is what you sound like:




      1. Look you bonehead. I am not responsible for your lack of simple comprehension, as this can be easily attributed to your lobotomized Frontal Lobes as explained by the Doctor of Psychiatric Medicine DASSAULT MIRAGE in the current article written by the brain-damaged Negro Black Pete Josie.

        I strongly suggest you stop spending your life in the Porn districts of Manhattan with the Transvestites, where you have left your notoriety with your personal calling cards to be promote your male striptease and homosexual BOM tricks. Try this therapy and see if you can get cured. I will contact the doctor and get you some Prozac is all fails.



        1. Dummkopf:
          I told you before I do not consume alcohol. Dr. DASSAULT needs to reveal to this blog what percentage go your brain is functioning and at what capacity? your constant ranting he definitely have to further explain, what section of your brain thats producing that venom you consistently showering readers with week in week out. And he finally have to explain to readers, what causes self hate as only seen coming from you? Now keep calm, I am a super athlete and enjoying my Sunday Olympics.


        If Neville Cenac and yourself encounter overwhelming difficulties comprehending Dr. DASSAULT MIRAGE’s generous distribution of information on the effects of alcohol on the mental alertness of its victims, do not hesitate to seek my assistance. – “These early symptoms can affect the most complex activities of daily living.[21] The most noticeable deficit is short term memory loss, which shows up as difficulty in remembering recently learned facts and inability to acquire new information.[20][22]”

        See in a layperson’s language like myself, I would be succinct and call you and Neville Cenac RETARDED.


  2. Neville Cenac:
    You sound like an educated fool out of touch with reality, who is trying to impress the public of your educational level through the use of your vocabulary. While not being sufficiently intelligent to realize that roughly 80% of your potential readers trying to read your article, will be clueless of what it is you are trying say or the point you fail to make.
    Maybe it would best serve you to address private functions with such levels of delivery rather than think you are trying to educate the public at large. Such general public articles remind me of an insecure individual person being in love, only with themself.

    1. JULIUS:

      This mentally ill Neville Cenac, is one of these unfortunate victims of the mis-education of white supremacy. Like the many mis-educated Sambos on this Island who continue to strive towards becoming Honorary white men, going as far as to make the Chastanet Crime Syndicate enclave of white supremacy, lead them to Hell with Tarzan, Jane Dubulay, and Boy Allen as their slave masters over their little black children.

      I have this picture of BOY ALLEN



  3. /

    Because of the Greed an selfish character of the many mis-educated Negro Sambos, these reprobates, Rickets John Wayne, Jeff Fedee, Peter Josie, Mary Isaac, Gail Rigobert and such traitors, who sold the people of St. Lucia this ignorant fraudster kooyon Allen Chastanet as a leader, I will call myself “PROPHET SON OF MAN”. I TOLD YOU DISBELIEVERS THAT ALLEN CHASTANET WAS A WORTHLESS IMBECILE, WHO WOULD BE AN INTERNATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT.

    WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU CALL THIS BEHAVIOR IN THE HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT TODAY BY THIS IDIOT ALLEN CHASTANET; PLEASE TELL ME PLEASE. As Student Government I mastered Robert’s Rules of Order, but mate cannot even read a simple sentence – SORT PWEE !!!



  4. Surah Al-Baqara/The Cow

    Similarly (to complete My Blessings on you) We have sent among you a Messenger (Muhammad SAW) of your own, reciting to you Our Verses (the Qur’ân) and purifying you, and teaching you the Book (the Qur’ân) and the Hikmah (i.e. Sunnah, Islâmic laws and Fiqh – jurisprudence), and teaching you that which you used not to know. (151)

    Therefore remember Me (by praying, glorifying,).[] I will remember you, and be grateful to Me (for My countless Favours on you) and never be ungrateful to Me. (152)

    O you who believe! Seek help in patience and As-Salât (the prayer). Truly! Allâh is with As-Sâbirun (the patient.) (153)

    And say not of those who are killed in the Way of Allâh, “They are dead.” Nay, they are living, but you perceive (it) not. (154)

    And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to As-Sâbirun (the patient) (155)

    Who, when afflicted with calamity, say: “Truly! To Allâh we belong and truly, to Him we shall return.” (156)

    They are those on whom are the Salawât (i.e. who are blessed and will be forgiven) from their Lord, and (they are those who) receive His Mercy, and it is they who are the guided-ones. (157)

  5. Two fools both popular for their vocabulary and nothing else. Only in St. Lucia would they be taken seriously. Wish both would disappear or just call each other and leave us people in peace. Their time is gone and they should be put out to pasture.

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