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What Manner of Man….

GROWING up in little sleepy backward and largely illiterate Saint Lucia in the late forties and early fifties, young people were expected to obey their parents, their school teachers and church leaders without questioning. The police and the government were never in the conscious awakening of the youth except in the case of a rare miscreant who was quickly diagnosed by the community as somewhat off and needing special help.

With time, the island evolved as have other countries, and its people became more and more exposed to the good, the bad and the ugly of the world. In the process the youth became exposed to higher education and training. Those who were slow to learn were punished by impatient teachers and parents; thinking physical punishment (licks) would help straighten a dull and bent twig.

It is regrettable that some who have been exposed to deviant behaviour later play them out to the detriment of society. With the spread of education some of these people have dodged the bullet and found themselves in high office including elective office.

The worst part of those who have dodged the bullet and arrived at high office is that these people are often indifferent to the feelings of other people. Their unfeeling self-centered attitude may now be confidently characterized as akin to that of psychopaths.

These politicians are outwardly amiable and can pretend for as long as it takes to achieve the fame they seek. Such men are manipulative, full of guile and very persuasive … and dangerous. They are indifferent to the feelings of others. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

It does not matter that there are people who refuse to see the truth if it hits them where it hurts most. These people have invested so much time, emotion and energy in ‘their’ party; they are not prepared to have their dreams shattered. Still, those who know better must persuade other decent Saint Lucians to pursue a new and different path by voting Allen Chastanet and the UWP in these 2016 general elections.

– Peter Josie


  1. Peetar
    UNlike the youth of today you enjoyed preferential privilege:
    The scholastic ambiance and nurturance of the legendary headmaster STANISLAUS ;
    The MATH wizardry of JOHANNES
    Your Bio father’s financial support for your xx exploits at SM’s College- resulting in an unplanned pregnancy.
    You will never make a stellar model of scholarly citizenship for the youth.
    On the other hand Our MAN leader holds a real doctorate – a model of scholastic ASPIRATION for all youth and our nation-
    Your rich master could not even BUY ONE!!!
    We acknowledge your Master of CEMEER QUEN degree from the College of GORGERE, West Doublegin, Ireland.
    Your model of perusing the cabaways of St Lucia is not needed.
    Dr Anthony is a SUPERIOR model of SCHOLASTIC ASPIRATION for our Nations youth -on a global stage.
    Your Master holds an online what again.

  2. Dssault
    Whoever you are hiding behind the walls of social media Everytime and everything Peter writes you are always finding fault in it. Can he ever write anything you will agree with? You know damn well Kenny is angry that’s why his last name is Anthony and not Banard.

  3. /


    You Lucians are a shameless bunch of scoundrels, with the most predatory mindset of any people I have known. The Parasites Black Pete Josie, The Naked Stripper Rick John Wayne, the Neggwess Mary Isaac and Sarah Palin Flood will do whatever it takes to make Michael Chastanet, Ali Babber, and the Caucasian Ms. Daisy your First Lady,

    Josie has no credibility. A worthless Negro teaching Black people that God is a White man named Chastanet and we all should bow, even as Guy Joseph and his wife and brothers STEAL EVERY CENT from the pockets of our people with the blessings of the U.W.P.

    You people make me nauseous, with your complicity in the theft of the Lucian Treasury. WHY IS IT THAT GUY JOSEPH AND HIS WIFE AND FAMILY MEMBERS NOT IMPRISONED FOR THE THEFT PERPETRATED UPON LUCIANS???



  4. Josie, my guess is that you are talking about Alan Chastanet. He is the man who has been indifferent to the same backward and illiterate population you describe in your first paragraph. He is the man that saw them as inferior and would not assimilate and did not even care to learn their language. However, he now wants power over the same people but he needs them to vote him into office. Josie, you are a have been, go peacefully.

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