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The Misconception of Socialism

By Michael Chastanet

FOR those of us interested in progressive and sustainable governance, it is natural to put on our thinking caps and conclude what type of governance suits our terrain. In my mid thirties as a parent I held a family discussion for the purpose of fruitful dialogue and the topic was somewhat political /commercial in nature with emphasis on the direction of the world. The guidelines were based on the philosophies of communism, socialism and capitalism. After a lengthy debate with my children, I concluded that socialism will prevail and on that score, I cautioned my children that socialism demanded a sound education in order to face the challenges ahead. As a father, I took the necessary steps that my children earned a decent education with no allowance for excuses.

We must not, however, operate under the assumption that socialism is a free ride to all and sundry, as we shall simply miss the boat. True socialism in my view is a meaningful mix between communism and capitalism as it allows an individual to remain focussed on the importance and reality of business yet maintaining a social conscience.

A social conscience does not mean that citizens must be spoon-fed, but more importantly, having the ability to create sustainable employment for our people. Too often many of us remain confused by which philosophy is best suited to a nation but any philosophy deemed inflexible is doomed to fail and we have witnessed the results across the globe not excluding nations at our doorsteps. Are we enjoying the perfect philosophy anywhere in today’s world? The answer is no, as we are still learning from an ever-changing world.
Finding the perfect mix and understanding between employers and employees will remain challenging for years on end and until such time as employees truly appreciate the risk and stress of owning and operating a business and having the responsibility of keeping that business financially fluid in honouring its obligations is imperative. Hardcore socialism and communism have certainly not succeeded and gambling with such philosophies is a recipe for disaster as we have witnessed time and time again. On the other hand, democratic socialism is a philosophy that can resonate as a new alternative.


  1. We should all thank ‘Gros Chas’ for his wonderful essay, whose incoherency and lack of substance provide the perfect object lesson for the veritable misconceptions that persist regarding socialism.

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