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We Can’t Go On Like This

ST LUCIANS, are you paying attention??? Ah not hearing you. I know quiet can mean yuh mind make up and you know what you have to do for our country, for the sake of Lucia, the sake of poor old Helen, and I hope is why you quiet so. Helen is in mucho distress at the hands of dem Labour fellas: Kenny D Anthony and Company. They do not want to get out; they eh get enough yet, dey want more, more, more. They are trying everything to tighten their stranglehold on the Helen of the West. Who knows? Ten years from now, the huge man could still be around in our eyesight as President for Life when we go the republic way very soon. No better time than this year to get him out fas’, fas’, fas’.

At this time, you notice how they throwing all sorts of stuff out there, hoping something will stick and resonate with you, the people. They are a shameless bunch and we are having to bear the shame for them as we make the international headlines, looking like fools who do not know our knees from our elbows. At least, shouldn’t the man we pay to serve as our Prime Minister and the man who say he is the Minister of Foreign Affairs, be pronouncing on this issue and keeping us informed? But, they are as silent as you are. What a thing! You ever see such a thing in your life, as a lot of mute mice. Kenny has given his commands, and they must be followed, or else. And you are not scared stiff about the CIP programme in the clutches of those banditos?

St Lucians, don’t tell me you are going to continue to prop up Prime Minister Anthony, by your silence and non-action. We should be letting the world know that we are not made of the same stuff as our Prime Minister, and by extension his parliament of red baboons (the phrase is legit), and we certainly do not approve of his attitudes and behaviours. We should publicly distance ourselves from him; in fact, all decent-minded citizens should disown him totally. I did that a long time ago. But we all scared to do that, right? Scared, because we can see how ruthless the man and his team are, how Machiavellian he can be. We are scared because of the hair-raising stories of victimization we have heard from many different people both poor and well-off. Yes, right here in St Lucia.

So, what can we do? We can keep our silence if we must, but when Kenny rings that bell, we better be ready to rumble and Kenny better be ready to tumble! Let us extricate ourselves from Kenny’s shadow which is casting a dark spell over this land. Look at the ‘’new’’ persons he is co-opting into government and government-run bodies and programmes. We are definitely going from bad to worse. So what about Alan Chastanet? On the other hand, he has to be complimented for jumping into politics to rescue the country, our country, which is fast slipping away from us, given the enormous disarray we are in with Kenny Anthony becoming more and more arrogant and authoritarian, day by day. I believe he has been called, and the sooner we begin to rally behind him for our own sakes, the better.

We can’t go on like this. Kenny Anthony does not seem to know it, but all his leftist dictator friends are being booted out by their people – all those in South America starting with those whom he wined and dined here in recent times. There is the macabre Maduro of Venezuela, Mr Ma of Taiwan who possesses the same authoritarian streak as Kenny, his lawyer friend over here, with whom he hit it off and who wants to take his people more and more under Chinese rule – something which Kenny would dearly love to do to us as well. After all, that’s where his real allegiance lies. Never mind the millions he begs for from Taiwan. It’s the Chinese he loves. Then of course, his Labour Party pal, Denzil, who strutted his stuff on the St Lucia Labour Party stage and then was heard no more, cause he had messed up so much in St Kitts, he was booted out by the people. Ralph made it by the skin of his teeth and if we are to believe many Vincentians, he did so through a whole lot of slick moves and ham. Several of the Latin Americans have already been booted out, or are on the cards for being booted out and replaced by more centrist governments, as it is felt that those left leaning leaders, like Kenny, besides espousing policies which do not work, have plunged their economies into the doldrums without being able to keep any of the promises which they offered their people.

Along with all of that,it has been noted that besides wholesale inefficiency, corruption in these governments is at an all-time high.But these are all Kenny’s new pals who he is relying on to prop him up, even as they are falling like nine pins. Now what about our old friends, the UK, the USA? Well, I doh need to tell you a ting about that. De whole world know wha’ goin’ on dere between dem and us, or should I say between dem and our so-called leader. But is we who will suffer most from that fallout in the end.

– Straight Farward


  1. i don’t ever and will never read peter judas cain josia bull-shit
    i try 2 read this whatever one want 2 call it. only 2 realize that this gravel toilet paper was written by a lunatic who the police is in such of 4 escaping from latock hospital.
    kenny is u-all M M T M. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Straight Backwards
    You mention the Giant Red Panda nation in a negative orientation-
    but fail to indicate what % of the gross US $$$$$$$$$DEBT$$$$$$$$ it owns controls.
    Beware the claws of the giant vegetarian bear are just as dangerous as that of the Grizzly or Polar varietals.
    You also fail to address that the fundamental objectives of SOCIAL-ist programmes is to INCLUDE the economic fringes of societies.
    However, the failure to turn around the large pool of marginalized citizens is fraught with entrenched socio ecomomic class hurdles -think old money controlled institutions.
    The experiments of SOCIALlist programmes are crippled / sabotaged from within and externally just because they proverbially fly in the face of conventional Profit making KEEPERS.
    Spreading the wealth of a nation is ANTI CAPITALIST but is conveniently EQUATED as anti-democracy.
    Using this algebraic expression it is safe to conclude that the BIBLE is WRONG about extolling christian democracies to be their BROTHER’S KEEPERS.
    I close with two biblical vistas that strengthen your assault on SOCIAL-ist programmes:
    -the homicidal event between the brothers Cain & Abel
    -the flowing description of the galloping 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
    I urge you to revisit said readings in your Bible then superimpose them on the goals of Social-ist programmes versus Capitalist ventures
    Finally, tell (not from historical precedence but from ideological assertion) which runs closer to the humility espoused by the Leader / chief architect of Christianity.
    The irrefutable mathematical conclusion:
    Capitalism is absolutely INCOMPATIBLE with PURE unadulterated CHRISTIANITY
    The Spanish INQUISITION was designed to bridge that glaring missive in papal fallacies.
    Recently, there was some debate on the system of naming calenders, on this forum.
    Perhaps instead of 2016 AD we should state 2016 After Departure from truth!!!!

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