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The Zika Hole Goes Deeper

The Bill Gates Vaccine
The Bill Gates Vaccine
The Bill Gates Vaccine

REMEMBER my conspiracy theory on the Zika Virus possibly being a form of population control two weeks ago? Well, my friends, the information solidifying this theory in my head just keeps flooding in and it is damning.

As the mainstream media continues to convince the world that the pesky mosquito is responsible for the next big bad bug, I keep searching outside the box to explore the other aspects of this trending topic because something just does not sit right with me.

The first piece of information that made me perk my antennae right up was included in my piece two weeks ago which went on to explain why the mosquitoes were modified.

I said: “Who remembers back in September 2014 when Brazilian researchers in Rio de Janeiro released thousands of mosquitoes carrying the “Good bacterium” called Wolbachia which would prevent dengue virus from multiplying in the Aedes mosquitoes?

The aim for this exercise was that the new mosquitoes would breed and make up the majority of the country’s mosquito population thus reducing cases of the disease. (As if that was supposed to make any kind of sense)!

This got me thinking and eventually led me to ask the question: who was behind all of this and why?

It was then that I found out that the firm “Oxitec” was behind the creation of these modified mosquitoes and here’s the part that’s even more interesting, this firm is funded by, surprise…the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Why is this important? Well, it is because it is no secret that the richest man in the world is well renowned for his aims of reducing the world’s population, this is one of his solutions to lowering the world’s carbon dioxide emissions thus capping global warming/climate change.

And guess how he plans on doing that? Through vaccines and family planning measures…Don’t believe me? I dare you to go on to the Youtube channel and look up “Bill Gates advocates vaccines for global population reduction”. There you will have a chance to hear it from the horse’s mouth himself.

Before I go further, let me add this not so small piece of information, Bill’s foundation was also behind a vaccine called the Tdap Vaccine (Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis also known as Whooping Cough all in one).

This vaccine was recommended by the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) and made mandatory in 2015 by the Brazilian Ministry of Health for pregnant women to receive this shot at 20 weeks of gestation.

This Tdap Vaccine has been classed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as a Class C drug which makes it unsafe for pregnant women to use and according to reports from the website “Trinity 8”, has never been proven to be safe for human beings.

With that said, is it just a coincidence that a virus that has been around for nearly 70 years with only mild and rare symptoms including rash, fever and sore joints would suddenly evolve into something so dire that it would now be considered a global threat?

Also is it just a coincidence that prior to the millions of modified mosquitoes that were released in Brazil in 2014, the country would annually report up to 150 cases of babies being born with Microcephaly (a condition which affects women in their first trimester of pregnancy causing children to be born with small and underdeveloped brains), with only a small number of those cases carrying the Zika virus?

However, last year, that number was increased by an insane 13,000% with over 4000 cases being reported (but still, the numbers with the Zika Virus remain small.

So now with the fear of death or having deformed babies, the world is being warned to refrain from reproducing and the virus which was once considered to be fairly mild is now claiming the lives of thousands of babies…somewhere, I could just picture Mr. Gates grinning and saying “Mission Accomplished” as he checks global depopulation off of his list of “to dos”

Speaking of coincidences, is it any wonder that this virus is patented by the infamous Rockefeller family?

Now one might see nothing wrong with that but my friends, where there is smoke there is fire because you will not tell me that The Rockefeller Foundation which is owned by the once richest family in the world, owns such a virus and you will not even raise an eyebrow to that fact or ask questions.

So back to my questions…is it any coincidence that in America, scientists are working arduously to create a cure for this virus which will no doubt turn into a lucrative affair as people scared to catch this virus will be willing to shell out the cash to get protection from it and the millions already carrying it will shell out even bigger bucks to be cured?

Is it any coincidence that this out break happened just in time for the Olympic Games that will see millions of people flock to Brazil to watch the games this year and will undoubtedly be sitting ducks?

Is it any coincidence that the richest man in the world, alongside one of the richest families in the world and the major pharmaceutical companies are all set to gain big time from this?

Now, just in case you are confused by now, let me clarify… we are possibly looking at one of the biggest cover-ups of big corporations playing God and getting away with it.

Bill Gates has been advocating for the depopulation of the earth and is apparently achieving his goals with the concoction of his vaccines and his genetically modified mosquitoes.

Meanwhile, babies are either dying or being born deformed at an alarming rate and the mosquitoes are being blamed.

And all whilst this sleight of hand is taking place, the rich just continue to get richer whist the common folk are left to die…literally.

Whilst I hate mosquitoes passionately, I really have to say on this occasion, poor, poor critters and shake my head.

Rochelle entered the Media fraternity in May 2011 as a fresh-faced young woman with a passion for the English language, a thirst for worldly knowledge and a longing to inform the world of what was happening around them, whether it was good or bad.

She began as part of a small news team at Choice Television, which falls under the MediaZone umbrella. She was hired as one of the original members of the newly created Choice News Now team...Read full bio...



    1. Some people just have no kind of boundaries, respect or tact…What the HELL does the person’s child or parenting skills have to do with this article? If you don’t agree with what she said then say so or better yet…move the hell on and stop reading.
      I happen to know this “poor daughter” of hers and she is the sweetest little girl you would come across with a heart of gold and a mind as sharp as a new blade (and this is undoubtedly because her mother feeds her mind with positive information that your parents obviously failed to do hence the reason why you are being so vile right now) . This is the same child who gave up her entire year’s savings to charity because she hated seeing poor people go without on Christmas so GO AWAY with you crass and negative self SMFH

  1. /

    Finally, St. Lucia has a critical thinking Journalist in the person of Rochelle Gonzales. Of course the mentally-dead and decomposing cadavers like the idiots at 11:56 and 12:24 above are unable to process such thought provoking information, even in retrospect knowing the USA’s history of experimenting with the lives of people who are not Caucasian.

    Black enlisted men were used as human guinea pigs in chemical experiments during World War II—not by Nazi Germany, but by Uncle Sam.

    As was reported by NPR, 60,000 American soldiers were enrolled in a secret chemical weapons testing program in which they were exposed to mustard gas and the chemical agent lewisite, which causes lung irritation and blisters. Moreover, the U.S. Department of Defense conducted the tests based on the race of the soldiers. Black, Japanese-American and Puerto Rican soldiers were locked in a gas chamber and exposed to the chemicals.

    During the 1950s, the CIA and the U.S. military released half a million mosquitoes with yellow and dengue fever into Black Florida communities, leading to multiple illnesses and deaths. The government wanted to assess the use of mosquitoes as military weapons. Also in that decade, Henrietta Lacks became the first test subject on cloning, without her knowledge or permission, with 20 tons of her cells grown since her death.

  2. everyone may have his own opinion but Rochelle might have just turned a stone upside down, or do the critics really think it is good or in favour to your health to manipulate the gen in food by companys like Monsanto or Basf ?

  3. Well well well, I tend to stay far from conspiracy theories but this one really struck a chord because I think you are definitely on to something Rochelle. Good Job shedding some light on this matter that is obviously being hidden.
    In the cases of OSWALDCHARLES and NY…Rochelle don’t even take on these ignorant fools because with this report, you have just cast pearls before swine and they will never understand or appreciate information of this kind…let them wallow in their ignorance because I guess they are warm and comfortable there

  4. /

    Is there anything one can put past these Caucasian Christians?? Take a look at your present Brain washed “education” where Robotic Samboes are manufactured by white supremacist to regurgitate trained and rehearsed lines.

    A lobotomized Black Pete Josie, the once upon a time Black Panther, now remanufactured as a self-hating Negro, in love with the Male Stripper Weightlifter Roman Catholic Rick John Wayne, lusting for the white woman, Bois Bander, Viagra, Cialis, and kork Tortie, Pwen Kawet, in hand, while tossing match-bomb firecrackers at Dr Anthony, instead of informing the mentally enslaved people like a Jesse Peters of their true history. Here’s Black Pete as a Black Panther in this African History Month.




  5. Used to be –
    the dream tourist destinations of the world encircled the the tropics =sub tropics around the globe.
    A growing trend has been mega cities like New York are recording yearly record numbers of tourists-
    These cities are in the “black” because of this huge influx of tourism,
    How do mosquito vectors in the tropical latitudes increase the coffers of temperate countries?
    Interesting theory, n’est pas?

  6. Part of the elite Tuskegee air pilots were also injected with high doses of radiation so as to determine its side effects. For those unaware, these men were all blacks.

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