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Sadness For Dr. Long


WHEN I first made my not-too-grand entrance into politics, I was warned, that a fire and brimstone radical often matures into a soft conservative, due in part to the harsh lessons he learns along the way.

That was the thought which came to mind at the news that the former Mighty Pep, (now Dr. Long politician, had thrown in the towel. Dr. Long seemed to have defied all clear reasoning when he threw in his lot with the St. Lucia Labour Party to contest political office. He has now announced his departure from the political scene – at least from elective politics, less than five years later.

In resigning he apologized to his Anse la Raye/Canaries constituency claiming pressure of work for unfulfilled promises. At his press conference he was flanked by two men who I shudder to think what SLP political leader Kenny Anthony would say of them had they been members of the United Workers Party. I feel a great sadness for Dr. Long aka, Mighty Pep. Coming on the heels of ‘Nobel Laureate Week’ and seeing the two who flanked him during his press conference all I can say is Thank you Lord, for giving me the strength, the determination and the courage to fight evil with all the energy with which you have blessed me, come the next general elections.

–Peter Josie

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  1. peter Judas Cain son from the devil seen !
    there are many lords and many gods.?
    you are thanking your father the devil fore using you.

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