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My Person of The Year

The late Justice Suzie d'Auvergne
By Peter Josie
By Peter Josie

THERE was a time I looked forward to Time magazine ‘person of the year.’ I was fascinated by the fact that the magazine’s policy was to choose a person or entity that had the greatest impact on America – not necessarily a positive one. The person or thing selected must have changed America in an unpredictable and unimagined way. On that score the revengeful 9/11 attacks masterminded by Osama Bin Laden, should have made the front cover of Time. That it did not perhaps meant that the attacks had struck too close to the heart and soul of the citadel of American business and politics.

No such claims can be laid on the little Star newspaper with the big heart, (or is it huge gonads?), operating in a minuscule, half literate, fearful Saint Lucian society. When its publishers first announced a person of the year, I imagined they had chosen to mould a special species of men and women from available feeble stock – as it conjured up victories from such weakness. I smiled at the paper’s offerings and looked with interest and without comment.

The time has come to use the opportunity presented in these weekly columns to say who (or what), in my view, should be deserving person of the year, in this sweet little rock of sages – by which I do not mean the aromatic herb used in cooking. To select a deserving person or thing even from a small field does not make the final selection less challenging.

For my part the following persons are on my short list of ‘person of the year, 2015’. Ms. Mary Francis; for her persistent advocacy of due process, fair trial for accused persons and her bold condemnation of the lackadaisical functioning of the justice system in Saint Lucia. Ms. Mary Isaac, formerly president of the Civil Service Association (CSA), who showed strength and courage in standing up for her members against a government which threatened to deduct their salaries without any consultation or prior agreement, and whose advocacy continues in the island’s Senate.

To these two, I add Mr. Guy Joseph, Member of Parliament (MP), for Castries South East – for his consistent representation of his constituents in Parliament in the face of planned, hostile and mischievous distractions there.

Notwithstanding the commendable efforts and high profile of these three my choice of person of the year is ‘The Constitution Review Committee,’ so ably chaired by Justice Suzie d’Auvergne, deceased. If I was forced to choose another to replace the deceased Justice and her Committee, it would be Eldon Mathurin, a surviving senior member of Justice d’ Auvergne’s Review Committee.

In our anxiety for political independence and the undue haste with which Britain wished to offload her remaining colonies, we accepted a ‘handed-me-down’ constitution, preferred by others. On the portals of 37 years independence, what could be more meaningful and transformative than the tabling of a new revised constitution for the island? A far sighted government and parliament could have seen to it. The rock of sages with its Nobel Laureates deserves better.

The late Justice Suzie d'Auvergne chaired the Commission
The late Justice Suzie d’Auvergne chaired the Commission

A constitution that aims to further empower people while eroding the dictatorial provisions for a Prime Minister – any Prime Minister – would be beyond reproach or rebuke. Furthermore, a constitution which anoints the electorate with powers of recall, would have spoken volumes to a region and to a world that has grown accustomed to treating people as footstools and voting machines and king ascending to political power, fame and fortune.

It was bad enough for the Prime Minister and his cronies to disagree so publicly and insultingly with the Committee Report. What was even more debasing and déclassé was to have invited a sister of the deceased Justice d’Auvergne to sit in Parliament, there to witness such insults, leveled at her deceased sister’s report. To the utter dismay and consternation of many, the Prime Minister lambasted the Committee Report, calling it otiose; meaning: ‘serving no practical purpose, not required, functionless, and futile;’ – laughable even.

After five long years of laborious work during which the committee interviewed hundreds of Saint Lucians from far and wide, and having carefully recorded what these Saint Lucians had to say, a report was presented to Prime Minister Anthony, the person who appointed the committee. That report was allowed to lie dormant whilst it was meticulously studied by a ‘Constitutional Lawyer,’ Prime Minister, Kenny Anthony.

‘By their deeds ye shall know them.’ The delay in presenting the report of the Committee to Parliament should have alerted observers that the recommended provisions, or parts thereof, did not sit well with the Prime Minister. Observers arriving at such a conclusion were quickly proven correct when, during the debate, the Prime Minister and his old side kick, Philip Pierre, literally tore the committee’s recommendations to pieces.

To diminish the powers of the Prime Minister and to give constituents the power of recall was a strong and persistent recommendation from the people interviewed. The government objected to these recommendations because they interpreted it to be about them and not about what the electorate wanted. The process of cobbling a new constitution is for the future guidance and happiness of the people – everyone!

Morals, manners, etiquette, class and decorum went crying to heaven for vengeance on the parliament floor the day of that debate. Those who witnessed the vulgar performance may have wished for a constitutional ‘Rite of Passage’ demanding etiquette, manners and morals from those who seek to enter parliament. Perhaps the people who recommended that, an MP ought to serve in his constituency and not be automatically handed a portfolio, are onto something.

Finally, of the mountain of agenda items crowding the United Workers Party manifesto, one of them ought to be a fresh look at the Suzie d’Auvergne Constitution Review Report.


  1. /
    I attempted posting this yesterday but there seem to be problems in publication ? I’ll try again.

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    You hid this one behind the SKIRT of a woman- nice desperate strategy= but you still come out with a bluddy tampon clenched between your fangs.
    Pete ole boy, you are not well.
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    Those of us who read this Newspaper, THE VOICE OF SAINT LUCIA, where we are so privileged to learn from reporters like Micah, and Rochelle, and my brother Guy Ellis, and too many others to enumerate, are so far ahead of the unfortunate ones who are searching for 2016 information in the writings of marooned Negroes like John Wayne and the Caucasian God of the Slave Master being sold every Sunday as the Savior of the African from the Satanic folk.

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  4. Peetar,
    Your mental disorder became apparent in virtual reality BECA– USE of your cloaked DISDAIN for the Vieux-Fort constituency.
    I have previously outlined how you went numb when empress rigo was ambulance chasing at st judes hospital to sully the peoples leader-
    and when the last independence celebration gave Vieux-Fort as a southern venue for the Arts -You ridiculed their efforts
    The stench of your father’s goat herd at Beane Field, your pimping of their milk for poontang and your fallout at SMC by impregnating an innocent virgin is major catharsis and political hae for VFort.
    Dr kenny resrrects that super ego father figure who castigated you for not fulfilling the family drem and investment in you , circa SMC.
    You hate VieuxFort so much that you did not publish your memoirs book via Dr Reynolds Publishing at New Dock Road (YOUR VERY OWN GPS LOCATION OF BIRTH ) -for crying out loud
    Here is my short list for person of the year.
    Dr Reynolds and Mr Modeste Downes-
    True blue-real HEROIC characters who represent the much needed renaissance St Lucia so desperately needs and deserves……..

  5. /

    Black artists are using high profile events as a platform to discuss race, making some whites uncomfortable. It shouldn’t, because the discussion is overdue
    Race is never a comfortable topic.

    So often we talk about living in a post-racial society, a society where the color of one’s skin is not mutually exclusive to the content of their character.

    Martin Luther King’s Dream.

    But this is not the reality. Instead of transcending issues of race, we’ve shoved it in a closet with the hope that it would stay buried underneath the rest of our dirty laundry. And in the process of doing that, new generations grew, many of them never knowing what it meant to hate someone just because of their skin color.

    A post-racial society.

    When Barack Obama won the White House in 2008, we were told “racism is over”, and yet bigotry only grew. First in subtle ways, and then, when pushed, bigotry exploded. Maybe not with the force of the burning hatred of the ’60s and before, but one could argue that subtle, seething hatred, mixed with outright denial is even more insidious.

    So now, in 2016, America finds itself faced with a blown-open closet where racism and bigotry once again paint the room of our collective discussions and people are extra unhappy about it on both sides.

    Much of this unhappiness is rooted in frustration and fear. For so long, black Americans have felt voiceless, and with the election of Obama, they’re told that all those past aggressions are now dead and buried. If a black man can be president, then our transgressions are forevermore anchored to the past.

    And yet, it endures.

    We live in an America that hasn’t been more divided…wait, that’s not true. That’s being dishonest.

    What is true, however, is the fact that our divisions have never been more magnified. It’s one thing to call each other niggers and honkeys in the privacy of our own homes, amongst like-minded people, but now…now through the magic of Social Media, we can see the effects of racism and bigotry played out in living color, and that’s no pun.

    We see the murders of Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Michael Brown and so many other black men and women, and they’re sent around the country, around the world with just a keystroke, and instead of a collective THIS IS WRONG, we started to hear how they were wrong.

    We blamed the victims in an era where victim shaming is supposed to be anathema. Except, somehow, when it comes to black people.

    When this resistance to this disproportionate treatment becomes too much for one community to endure, it turns into #BlackLivesMatter, and instead of collective reflection and sympathy, we start to hear that all lives matter, even though the very idea of having to say that black lives matter means that clearly there is a perception that they don’t matter enough.

    Yet some, a growing number of people, see #BlackLivesMatter as black lives matter more.

    When this plea turns to black entertainers and athletes using their given platform to put up a mirror to the ulcerating wounds that are now festering with each incident, instead of understanding, we hear claims of “reverse racism”.

    And now we’re half way through Black History Month 2016, a month where certain “fair and balanced” news outlets peddle certain black women to decry its very existence, and America is being taken to task during their favorite events, and it’s not going over well…at all.

    The match was lit in of January, with Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith publicly boycotting the Academy Awards over lack of diversity, not only in nominations, but in Hollywood as a whole. The reaction was not loud, and largely brushed off as we moved onto more pressing things in the 24-hour news cycle.




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