LUCELEC Meets Its Shareholders

SHAREHOLDERS of the St Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) have been invited to attend an information session to be held this coming Saturday at the CSA Centre at Sans Soucis.

During the session, a number of amendments that have been made to the company’s by-laws (rules shareholders established for the organization to regulate itself) will be explained to shareholders who will be asked to provide feedback on these changes.

The amendments stem from a comprehensive review of LUCELEC’s by-laws that began in 2015. These range from correcting typographical errors, clarifying language, new provisions regarding matters such as publication of annual reports in electronic format as well as bringing the by-laws in line with the Securities Act which was passed after the by-laws had been approved by shareholders almost 20 years ago.

While a number of piecemeal amendments have been made since that time, the aim of the exercise is to incorporate all amendments into one revised document, a LUCELEC statement said.

All shareholders are invited to attend the session from which a final document to be presented (for approval) at a Special Meeting of Shareholders to be held in May 2016.

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