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Juelle Cadette
Juelle Cadette

WITH some of the biggest book industry events and trends of the past few years: including the closing of bookstores, the rise in popularity of tablets and e-readers and the exponential growth in the number of e-books (as well as of digital-only authors and publishers), the Saint Lucia Writers Forum has decided to undertake a more proactive stance in 2016.

“Global trends indicate that print books can become obsolete as more people gravitate toward e-books, because they are cheaper and readily available.” President of the Writers Forum, JuelleCadette said. She added that it is the intent of the Forum to create more opportunities for its membership by building a stronger presence online.

Members have already agreed on the first step that will facilitate this decision. A new website will be launched in the near future where the published works of members will be featured and can also be purchased.

“We are trying to create this authentic representation of ourselves online and by way of that create a standard not only for members of the Forum but for other writers who want to get their work out there. Saint Lucia has a lot to offer and we intend to make our mark.” Cadette said.

The Saint Lucia Writers Forum recently launched their official Facebook Page. It will be updated regularly with content intended to inspire, and promote members and events, and also to be a source of encouragement and creativity.

You can LIKE the page here:

The Saint Lucia Writers Forum is a group of writers (fiction and non-fiction) who meet every Tuesday from 6:30p.m. at the Castries Central Library.

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