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Greatest Farce

IN light of the European Union ultimatum, the SLP administration took a bold step in throwing more dust into our eyes. Has our PM not realised that Saint Lucians have now seen through his empty and calculated television promotions to deceive. Our PM orchestrated the greatest farce of all by assembling a number of medical professions and Victoria Hospital staff on Independence Day at the National Hospital to celebrate and announce the name of the institution when in fact most Saint Lucians were expecting that the institution would have been officially opened. On how many more occasions will our PM be permitted to pull the wool over our eyes?

Invest Saint Lucia, an arm of government, has sent out all kinds of signals that by 2020 some US1.2 billion will be invested in Saint Lucia, but what St Lucians are requesting, are immediate relief after four years of stagnation. Saint Lucians hold no hope in promises from the SLP administration, as once bitten, twice shy, based on the information promised in 2011 that EC$100 million would be injected into the economy and jobs, jobs, jobs.

Saint Lucians are unwilling to accept any more empty promises and smoke screens similar to what transpired at the new Owen King Hospital on our 37th Independence.

– Fed Up

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  1. A hospital opening (coming online)-
    is NOT the same or remotely similar-
    to opening a supermarket or MALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    or HOTEL 🙂
    LIVES are at Stake
    (but in your butt-head Black Lives are broiled -STEAK!)
    Back off TAZZminion Devil
    or is you herr peter josie from sociopaths @ necropolis LLC.

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