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Do You Know Who You Are?

Mary-Juliana-Brice2DO you really know who you are? This is a very good question that everyone should meditate on. Why? Sometimes we just follow people in some strange ways, and lo and behold disaster strikes, because this is not who we really are. It is so very important to be totally related to yourself, so you can recognise that in-keeping with your knowledge, this is what your life is all about. This is not something difficult to relate to, as it is easy to focus on what you want for yourself, as this is who you are.

We have had a very good example of this recently, as it was discovered the difficulty those persons who went smoking and drinking and following other people, ended up in the hospital in an effort to breathe properly, and they had to get oxygen, to keep them safe.

This is amazing, when people ignore who they are, how they were brought up, and not recognizing their talents, they ignore it all and follow someone who is doing different things, which are not related to their way of life. A very strange incident takes place, and so they end up in an extraordinary zone, with nothing that is related to their way of life.

When difficulties begin to take place, their parents and families and even friends become filled with sadness and distress, as this is not the person they brought up and are related to. Some people would say that one has to let the person do what they want as their life is theirs. But when someone sees the things that are going wrong, they should speak to the person, and it is not about criticism, but it is about giving some real good advice so that the person can recognise what their life is all about, and how they have drifted out of the place they are supposed to be, in their life’s journey. Doing the correct things in life, make people very happy and enthusiastic in what they are doing. What’s more, doing what has been ordained for you, allows you to serve others properly, so that they too will focus on their life’s journey.

We have seen how our famous writes and artists, have shown us clearly who they are by their lives, and have never brought disaster to those who followed them. Rather, those who did, have done so well in their lives as the service they offered assisted our country in a very special way.

Sometimes we quickly substitute what we see others are doing and think it is a good idea, but it is not, if this is not who we are. We do on some occasions follow things which we think will enhance us. If this is not what the Lord has ordained for us, He will not accept this.

We therefore need to be totally related to who we are, so we can please God with all our hearts, and our efforts allow us to be blessed in a very, very special way. We can clearly see this, when persons are doing things that are all about who they are. May we try to recognise what our life’s mission is, so that we can have a wonderful and enjoyable journey in life.

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