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Teddyson John
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Teddyson John

MOST popularly identified by his soulful crooning, Teddyson John, affectionately referred to as TJ – is a vocalist, drummer, keyboardist and percussionist inside the powerhouse that makes up this extraordinary entertainer.

Since becoming Saint Lucia’s first Groovy Soca Monarch in 2007, TJ’s musical journey has considerably progressed. Teddyson has performed with world famous artistes Patti LaBelle, James Ingram, Bebe Winans, and Brick & Lace. He is now the producer and headliner of“U4RIA” – one of the most anticipated concerts on Saint Lucia’s Carnival calendar.

“Allez”, Teddy’s latest release is fast becoming his biggest hit– uplifting, inspiring and empowering, it is winning smashing reviews all over.

TJ has been wooing audiences since, “before his feet could even touch the pedals of the drum set”. He admits that neither his mother nor father is musically inclined yet he and his two brothers, “seemed to have gotten it from somewhere”. His brothers, Francis John is the founder of the band, Blue Mango and Hervin John has his own band on the cruise ship line, Royal Caribbean.

Teddyson’s first recording was a song called ‘Sweeter’. We know you’re thinking ‘it must have been a soca’, but believe it or not, it is a gospel song as Teddyson actually started off singing and performing in church. This song was recorded at the legendary Den Studio.

We know Teddyson is no stranger to the stage! His performing experience however stems from his school days when he attended Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School, participating in events such as Mr. & Ms. Teen Talent and Mr. & Ms. Valentine. It is those early performances that paved the way for him to shine bright at the Groovy Soca Monarch and Power Soca Monarch competitions leading him to have won the crown twice of the four times he has entered since 2007.

There are two sides to Teddyson, a Soca side and a Jazz side. This diversity has allowed him to perform all over the world, including Miami, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Barbados, Martinique, Cayenne and Paris.

Watch out for TJ at this year’s Jazz and Arts Festival.

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