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SHARED culture and heritage undoubtedly bind the Island Neighbours together. We hold our individuality dear but our similarities exist to incessantly remind us of our identity.

Frequently, we leave the comfort of our homes and we venture to the neighbours in search of much-needed merchandise, leisure and rest, a renewed family spirit, the cherished care of medical professionals and love. As the waters of seas and oceans separate us, we must seek the assistance of varying means of transportation to assist with our voyage.

To get to “the nature isle” from St. Lucia, two options exist – sea and air transport. Airlines which provide service to Dominica include Seaborne Airlines (a replacement for American Eagle), LIAT, BVI Airways and Air Sunshine. Dominica has no international airport and so …major airlines do not service this territory.

In Martinique and Guadeloupe, Air Caraibes, Air Antilles Express and LIAT contribute greatly to inter-regional travel. Several international airlines also provide service to visitors in the French isles. These include American Airlines, Air France, Air Europe and Air Cananda.

Sea transportation has a great role to play in ensuring that bonds remain in the Island Neighbours. As such, vessels such as L’express des Iles, Brudey Frères and Star Ferries assist in that regard.

In St. Lucia, many visitors to the French Island Neighbours make use of sea transport as the alternative can be a costly venture. Visitors to Dominica utilize both air and sea transport.


Neighbourly GetAways
We’re packing our bags and going to Guadeloupe, island of clear waters. Caricom nationals first obtain their hotel booking or a formal invitation from their host. By sea we’re taking the L’express des Iles. By air: Air Caraibe or other airline. Get your ticket and travel medical insurance and you’re off. While in Guadeloupe take a ferry to Marie Galante, discover a world of history, several species of cacti and more. Take some time out to enjoy nature in the isles this weekend with a visit to the Botanical Gardens in Roseau Dominica. This location is the idyllic setting for a stress-free rendezvous with that special someone. Sit, relax and develop a renewed appreciation for the environment. Experience Eden-like bliss in Martinique with a visit to Latouche’s Creek Garden. This location is perfect for discovering new flower species, colours and shapes. Take your camera with you and document your experiences in your journal for future reference.

Historical note! On January 4th 1935, truly the first commercial flight to the Caribbean, Seaplane Latécoère 521 left Paris to Martinique with 30 passengers headed by Lieutenant Paris. Did you know that night landing was approved in Dominica in 2010?
Get to know your neighbours!

A bit of the French for the Visitor
Les Voyageurs/Travelers
Information touristique: tourist information
La carte : map
La douane: customs
Le passeport : passport
La gared’autobus : Bus station
Billet aller-retour: round trip ticket
Je voudraislouerunevoiture: I would like to rent a car
C’estcombien: This is how much?
Dois-je payer par kilomètre: Must I pay per kilometre
Je voudrais payer avec une carte de crédit: I would like to pay by credit card
Je voudrais payer en espèces: I would like to pay by cash

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