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Fiction and Children

Ever wonder when fiction or fairy tale is enough for your toddler? My son and I decorated the Christmas tree some time ago. Not too long afterwards he was looking outside. “What are you looking for”, I asked. “Mummy when is Santa coming to put the presents under the tree”.  I smiled and said, he’s not ready for you yet. But it was only then I realized that he thinks there is a Santa Claus, and then he asked does Santa bring snow and presents?  The funny mom as I am, I had to explain to him that we live in a place which is hot and not one where there is no winter where snow happens.

How can you explain to a toddler about Santa, superheroes or even the four seasons? So I explained to him as simply as I could. But guess what, he still doesn’t understand.

One week ago I sneaked in some Christmas gifts under the tree. But that didn’t do any good. For seven days I’ve had to answer questions, some which I found very funny. “Mummy why did Santa put these presents under the tree when he knows I can’t open them right away. Picture a three to five year old telling you this. If you know your child/children very well this would be one of the questions you are going to hear over and over. Why is Santa coming when we are not around? But if you have a son like mine, this question will crack you up. Why is Santa so fat? Does he eat all the Christmas snacks?” We should hide the stocking so Santa won’t get his candy canes.

Fiction is a big issue with my son and I, but he’s a toddler so I try every day to bring out the truth in everyday things. Like the solar system. He always wants to know why Superman and green lantern planets are not among the solar system. So we both know what this means, right. Another class added to the truth about fiction.

How can you tell a four year old there is no Superman, but when he doesn’t eat his food we say you need to eat to be strong like Superman? Yup that’s me. Those are my words. I thank the inventors of Superhero for a job well done. I’ve never thought a topic like “Fiction” would bring the longest conversation between us. Oh I forgot to mention. All he asked Santa for was an umbrella, because the one I bought broke. But no there is no umbrella under the tree yet. Hopefully soon.

–Mama Wonderland (A.N)

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