Salsa St. Lucia’s ‘Blackout’

Image: Salsa dancers go at it.

Friday Show In Aid of Upton Girls Centre.

Image: Dr. Peter St. Rose presents cheque to “Faces of Cancer”
Dr. Peter St. Rose presents cheque to “Faces of Cancer”

SALSA Saint Lucia a nonprofit organization that is committed to providing a creative, vibrant and exciting alternative to entertainment, dance, fitness and socializing in Saint Lucia is holding another major fund raiser next week.

Founded in 2013, the group’s mission is “to promote fitness, health, social development and cultural diversity through Latin dance and music.”

But Salsa Saint Lucia also has a social agenda. One of its core values is to raise awareness and promote support of causes that seek to better the lives of the vulnerable in society. Founder and CEO Dr. Peter St. Rose is passionate in his support of the less fortunate, abused and disadvantaged. He is also an avid promoter of healthy living and supporter of causes that promote good health. Team Salsa Saint Lucia believes in his vision with the same fervour and zeal and is determined to play its part in making a contribution in this regard.

Salsa St Lucia hosts an annual Charity Party and the proceeds last year went to the Holy family Children’s home. This year for the very first time, the group decided to expand its outreach and host two charity events. The first was Salsa Saint Lucia goes Pink Latin Party in support of breast cancer awareness and the fight for the cure. This was held on October 30 at Blu Hotel. Proceeds of this event were given to Faces of Cancer.

Also, Salsa Saint Lucia collaborated with Yoplait and Consolidated Foods as “Friends in Fight”. Yoplait was given a public relations opportunity to promote the Walk for the Cure at the October Charity Party as well an opportunity to register interested persons.

Additionally Salsa Saint Lucia purchased 50 Yoplait Walk T-shirts in support of the walk and the fight for the cure. On Sunday November 1 Team Salsa Saint Lucia came out strong with their co-branded shirts in support of the Walk for the Cure.

Image: Salsa dancers go at it.
Salsa dancers go at it.

The second event is the Annual Charity Event which is a staple in Salsa Saint Lucia’s calendar and dubbed “Blackout”. This event is the main and bigger charity event which will be hosted next Friday at Bougainvillea Room at the Bay Garden Hotel at Rodney Bay. This year’s event is in support of girls and women at risk. The proceeds will go the Upton Gardens Girls Centre and the Women’s Support Centre.

At “Blackout” Charity Party Salsa St Lucia will treat patrons to delightful tastings of wine, nuts, fruit cake and a fun free Latin dance class. There will also be a vibrant entertaining Latin Dance Performance from Salsa Saint Lucia’s performance group. Then patrons will party the night away to the pulsating, rhythmic sounds of Latin, Zouk and Soca music!

Why Latin dance and music? It is an art form with universal appeal, which possesses a unique, infectious quality, compelling enough to attract persons of all ages and walks of life. Latin music has a level of familiarity to which all Saint. Lucians can relate. It originated from our African and European roots, with rhythms and beats that are culturally embedded. Latin dance and music embrace cultural diversity. For these reasons, the local response to Salsa Saint Lucia has been tremendous, creating a momentum that has positioned us for growth.

Salsa Saint Lucia teaches various genres of Latin dance, including but not limited to Cuban Salsa, Salsa On 1, Bachata, Kizomba and Cha Cha, as well as various aspects of styling and body isolation for dancers. Latin dance classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Harmony Suites in Rodney Bay. Through its community outreach programme, Salsa Saint Lucia also teaches classes once a week in the communities of Choiseul, Soufriere and at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. This programme enables the group to popularize salsa in Saint Lucia and make it accessible to as many people as possible.

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