Remembering French Terror Victims

Image: Viewing pictures of victims of the attack.

Region Told To Be Wary.

Image: Viewing pictures of victims of the attack.
Viewing pictures of victims of the attack.

ST LUCIA and other Caribbean countries have been urged to be vigilant in the face of the spate of terrorism taking place in the world.

French Ambassador to St Lucia Eric de la Moussaye warned that Caribbean countries could be subject to attacks because of their affiliation with the main targeted nations: “We must be vigilant of what is happening in the world without of course adopting a paranoid attitude. Simply, caution should be exercised.”

Nearly one year after St. Lucia joined Paris in mourning the loss of 17 lives at the hands of terrorists in the French nation, there was a case of déjà vu last Friday evening after yet another vigil was held for Paris’ latest terrorist attack.

de la Moussaye was joined by the island’s Governor General Dame PearletteLouisy, Archbishop Robert Rivas as well as members of the public at the Alliance Francaise to pay their respects to the 130 lives lost on Friday November 13 after terrorists launched a number of deadly attacks at various locations across Paris including a football match where French President François Hollande was in attendance.

The terrorist group ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks shortly thereafter.

Image: Archbishop Rivas signs the Condolence Book.
Archbishop Rivas signs the Condolence Book.

The Ambassador strongly condemned the group’s actions and questioned where the nation that openly accepts every nationality and culture would go from there.

The perpetrators, he said, spared no thought for the persons they were attacking and as a result, have cause irreparable damage: “For the parents and friends of these 130 people of 19 different nationalities, life has changed…life will never be the same. They will likely suffer for the rest of their lives.”

In a taunting manner, the Ambassador also stated that this attack would not put a stop to the French way of life. He said: “Are we to consider that violence will triumph, that it is inevitable and that we cannot live in peace in Paris and in France? Certainly not, because what happened in Paris can happen anywhere. Terrorists strike everywhere and against everyone.”

With that said, he asked attendees to spare a thought and prayer for victims of similar acts across the globe like Mali, the Russian aircraft brought down in Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia.

De La Moussaye confirmed that St. Lucians, although subject to protocol and screening will face no restrictive measures when travelling to France as the island remains one of the nation’s allies.

Following the vigil, a book of condolences was made available for attendees to sign.

Apart from the dead, over 300 persons were left injured with the death toll expected to rise.

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  1. French reaction to the Paris false flag is akin to the World Trade Center false flag (with mysterious undamaged passports and all):

    After arming the Saudi mujahadeen in Afghanistan, the US attacked Afghanistan instead of Saudi Arabia.

    Now, France attacks Syria who were guiltless in arming French-Belgian mercenaries!

    Next, you’ll hear of France calling Belgian Waffles, “Freedom Waffles”; and Brussels Sprouts, “Freedom Sprouts”!

    What a laugh!

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