Millet Karatekas Graduate

THE Millet Karate School held its Graduating Ceremony last Sunday 5 with 13 students successfully passing the examinations.

At the ceremony the chief examiner Grand Master Errol Weekes demonstrated numerous self-defence techniques, and also shared his wisdom on karate when he told the students, “Karate is practised as a sport but it is not a sport and was turned into a sport with rules”.

He encouraged the students to do their own research on karate and to keep striving to do their best at all times. He advised themto forever maintain the high standards set by the Art in all aspects of their daily lives.

School instructor Sensei Joseph Henry was pleased and a bit surprised by the overwhelming positive performance by all his students.

The final results are as follows Yanni George, Purple belt to Brown belt; Jade Justin, Blue belt to Brown belt; Leana George Green belt to Purple belt; Dantez Prescott, Green belt to Blue belt; Ethan Joseph, Orange belt to Blue belt; TarickFranci, Orange belt to Blue belt; Sherwin Regis Orange belt to Green belt; Tryphon Marks, Orange belt to Green belt; Makhi James Yellow belt to Orange belt; Nickie St. Luce, Yellow belt to Orange belt; CurrinaAugustin, White belt to Orange belt; MacrinaAugustin, White belt to Orange belt and Chase Lubrin, White belt to Yellow belt.

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