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WHAT has become of our Development Control Authority (DCA)?

This question came to mind after the destruction caused by the fire in Soufriere a few days ago. What will bring the sleeping animal out of hibernation? Will it take some controversy like Freedom Bay or some Italian developer in the Piton Management Area?

My heart goes out to the people who lost their homes and the business persons who lost their investments and the many people who are out of a job as a result. It could have been worse and we must give our thanks to God and to the fire service that the flames were contained.

On a round-the-island trip this past JounenKwéyòl I remarked to some friends that I wished it was that yellow plaza that had gotten burnt. Not only can we lose our patrimony through natural disasters, accidents such as fires but also through poor planning and neglect.

When last have you heard of the DCA? Some things are out of place. That yellow building is one. I don’t know who would have given the authority to build such a monstrosity in such a picturesque town such as Soufriere?

Canaries also come to mind with that tile American Drywall sign and the green tower in the middle of the village. American Drywall is gone and the defacement remains. Then there is the Le Paradis development. Such an eastern lament.

And then there is Castries, an eye sore. The degradation is tremendous. Is there any plan for the development of Castries or is everything happening vaykivay?

On Kwéyòl Sunday I saw an old photo of Canaries and the vintage settlement looked so orderly. In times passed I have recommended that a development plan be put in place for Anse la Raye. There are some land issues that must be settled and a stipulation must be made for the type, style and structure of buildings that go up in the village. While Canaries is a fantastic place to wake up in, development there has been haphazard.

We have lost many of our old architectural buildings to fires and what replaces them is left wanting. I hope this is not the case with the rebuilding process in Soufriere. A heritage lost can be replaced with something better, at least that’s my prayer.

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