TREES ridding themselves of their leaves, the emergence of dry, cracked earth and the browning of the air with thick dust all indicate that the time of new beginnings is here. It’s the time to trim the rough edges, pack the garbage away and put on some new paint. Spring welcomes you.

If you are planning to get married in spring, we salute you. “The Island Neighbours” is the perfect place to tie the knot; promise your forever, solidify your commitment and start anew. These islands offer the perfect ambience to start a new life with that special someone; botanical gardens and breath-taking landscapes. This, of course, is incomplete without the perfect attire.

This week, we wish to inspire the fashion cells that all women possess. What is the ideal look for a West Indian inspired wedding? We suggest, “out with the white and in with the vibrance of colours”.

The Caribbean is a modern Eden. This makes it the perfect place to tie the knot in full coloured mode. Think about it? Would it not be perfect to have a coloured wedding? To acquire this look, we suggest an African – inspired wedding garment for you and your loved one. Complement this look with a bouquet of wild ferns and lilies, and a Greek laurel headpiece made from orchids.

Next, find the perfect location: a botanical garden, a park or an untouched natural relic and say your “I dos” in the midst of nature’s splendour. This is the perfect West Indian style wedding.

What would you do differently? Tell us on our facebook page: Island Neighbours.

In the nature isle, relief efforts continue. A benefit concert will be held on October 3 at the Windsor Stadium in aid of T’Savanne. This is an opportunity for you to contribute to a worthy cause. If you’re in the nature isle during that time, spread some love.

Neighbourly GetAways
Okay …nothing can top a wedding ‘neath St. Lucia’s Pitons but we can try. If you’re thinking of tying the knot, we suggest a trip to the “nature isle” – one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Cabrits National Park is the ideal location to start a new life with your loved one. There … a scenic view of the Prince Rupert Bay coupled with stone ruins in the lush vegetation nearby. Say your “I dos” in the breezy atmosphere of this West Indian paradise.

Let’s Go Shopping!
Calling all shopaholics! You’re thinking it …but we’re gonna say it. Louis Vuitton is hot! Recognized as one of the best known French designers, his chic looks will complement any wedding design. Martinique and Guadeloupe are home to many French designers including Vuitton. Shop for your wedding accessories there (bags, stockings and purses) and tie that eternal knot in 21st century style coupled with Elizabethan sophistication. Live a little! Shop a little!

Historical note! Did you know that Cabrits National Park was once an 18th century British garrison? Get to know your neighbours!
A bit of the French for the Visitor
Weddings – mariage, noce, cérémonie du mariage
Will you marry me? – Veux-tum’épouser?
This is my wife. – C’est ma femme.
This is my husband. – C’estmonmari.
Where can I find a wedding dress? – Oùpuis-je trouverune robe de mariée?
Is there a chapel nearby? – Est-cequ’il y a unechapelle à proximité ?
What documents to I need to get married? – Quels documents ai-je besoin de vousmarier?
How much is this wedding dress? – Quelleestcette robe de mariée?
Where do I get a marriage certificate? – Oùpuis-je obteniruncertificat de mariage?
Are wedding bands sold here? – Sont wedding bands venduici?

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