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Enough is Enough

Did I hear the Senate President correctly yesterday? Does HTS feel comfortable having its media used for that kind of garbage?

As a St Lucian I feel deeply offended by the content of Mr. Francis’ programmes. Not only is he a biased host, the fact that he can be allowed to use the media to spew the kind of venom that he does calls into question the whole concept of freedom of the press. Is that what this was intended to convey?

We frequently talk about our rights or that person’s rights, but what about our responsibilities? Don’t we as St Lucians, as people who ought to have influence in our own country, also have the responsibility to stand up and say that what Claudius Francis is doing on HTS is blatantly wrong and must be stopped?

I simply could not believe what I was hearing yesterday, but was reminded that this is nothing new, that it has been going on that way for so many years. Is it not time that we stand up collectively and say that we have had enough and will not be taking it anymore?

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  1. No, this is the epitome of hypocrisy! If compared to Sam Jouk B.. Fl..d’s show, Straight Up will be considered docile. Who spew more vitriol that Jouk Bwa? Hmmm? Who promotes division and venom than Jouk Bwa? Hmmmm? And where has this guy Nerius been? Not one word regarding Sam or his show!

    All you are my friend is just a uwp hound attempting to bark up a tree. My goodness!

  2. Well said The Crow. For who promotes division and venom than jouk Bwa? None in radio land. The only radio announcer who takes questions from no body but interview his self with a christal ball?or bottle. So Nerius you have yet to say what is wrong with Mr.Francis statement. Listen to your bwa and continue to live a life of hypocrisy .

  3. And you not stopping Juke Bois, Laura, Rick Wayne……..Nerius, you see your bias…..Some of you guys, the truth hurts eh

  4. I would prefer to say the man is some sociopath and border line paranoid/schitzo:
    The fear he and many of his ilk suffer, is the fear that SLP is on the verge of being kicked
    out. They who have feasted so long at the public trough have reason to fear, tormented at
    sleepless nights, bearing the ravages of a grievous failed policy and the stack reality of once again being on the Dole. But the worse of it is to be laughed at by the very ones he has so long ridiculed calling them stupid etc. They say “the toes you stepped on today*********etc, etc.

  5. Who gains from a coup hmmmmmmmm?
    A junta of officers would quickly pass on power to a civil puppet regime-
    Nevertheless, although I am not a gambling man, me thinks the Green Berets and a regiment if not battalion of the 101 Airborne will beat the Royal Commandos in securing all ports and comm facilities.
    Hyperbole for any coup in the CAribbean is who get’s there pronto , my bet is France for the French Antilles and Uncle Sam for all else. France has the best record of responding efficiently to coup attempts. Her MACH speedy Delta winged fighter bombers have all the air to ground capabilities and nastys comparable to front line US Air Force F-18’s and UK Tonados.
    I would like to take said threat lightly but a pervasive mean streak of selfishness does challenge many competitive males in modern looshan society.
    In 3rd world countries said action can be a precursor to a coup.
    Just imagine said action on the other tele comm gateways-
    Even space bouncing cellphones can be jammed from atop Mt Gimie -with the right gear.
    yes sirree the digital world is a convenience we all take for granted BUT the portals on an island can be shut -while the turmoil of anarchy plays out.
    What is most interesting is what hand Obama would play, if Raul did send a contingent of air, land and sea forces to help a friendly neighbor to restore law and order by the besieged LAWFUL- as in legal govt.
    Just imagine water electricity, internet cell phones all shut down with a dusk to dawn curfew? Checkpoints with armed foreign soldiers everywhere, doing weapons search and confiscate in every neighborhood. Military tribunals replacing civil magistrates.
    Did I hear the makings of another population boom…ha ha ha….

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